heater-blowing-cold-air Winter always means the temperatures may significantly drop where you live. However, that shouldn’t be a cause for concern, as all you have to do is turn the heater on, and you’re set. Or that’s the idea, at least. The last thing you want is to come home only to discover your heater is not working correctly, as this could be uncomfortable and pose some health risks to everyone in the home. Is your furnace not blowing hot air? Then you may have some heater problems that require professional heating repair services. Several reasons can cause your furnace to stop the circulation of warm air. You can check some yourself, while others need the help of an expert. The experts at Conejo Valley Home Services share some heater problems to look out for when your HVAC unit is not blowing warm air.

How Does a Heater Work?

To better understand what may cause your heating system to malfunction, it would help to know how it works. Electric heaters utilize electrical energy to heat heating coils. Electricity passes through the heating element inside the heater, utilizing the electrical resistance to produce heat. On the other hand, gas furnaces burn natural gas or propane to generate heat which gets distributed around the home using a series of air ducts. Heat pumps are another efficient way to heat your home. They work by taking heat from the ground or air around a building and increasing it to a temperature that you can use to heat your home or business Many things can cause your heater to break down. Let’s have a look at the leading ones.

» Clogged Filter

A common issue with HVAC units that leads to heater problems is dirty and clogged air filters. It would be best to change out your filter quarterly because it doesn’t take long for it to be full of dust, pollen, hair, and more. Clogged filters prevent your heating system’s ability to breathe and circulate the air. Replacing dirty filters yourself is a quick and easy way to fix a heater that isn’t working. If you need help changing HVAC filters or if your heater is still blowing hot after you do, call us at (805) 499-0448!

» You Have a Wrong Thermostat Setting

You wouldn’t believe it, but sometimes your heater problems may be caused by something as simple as an incorrectly set thermostat. Whether you accidentally bumped into it or the kids accidentally set the switch to cool, sometimes you can find the answer to your heater blowing cold air on the thermostat. So before you panic and start thinking of a heater replacement, ensure that you’ve set the thermostat correctly. Also, ensure the batteries are in good condition, as worn-out batteries can cause the thermostat to malfunction.

» The Pilot Light Has Gone Out

If your system’s pilot light has gone out, your furnace won’t work, and your home will stay cold. If you have an older furnace, you can try relighting the pilot light with an extended lighter. If you have a newer furnace, you should contact a professional heating system maintenance specialist to fix your issue.

»Your Furnace Has to Heat Up

As a car takes a little bit to warm up, so will your home’s heating system, especially if you’re turning it on for the first time after a few months. Before calling a heating repair specialist, give your unit time to push out the cold air. Hopefully, it will fill your rooms with hot air.

» Your Furnace Has Overheated

An overheated furnace can be a significant problem. Typically, it usually turns itself off, leaving your home cold. Here are three reasons why your furnace may be overheating as well as how to fix these potential problems:
  • Insufficient airflow to your furnace – When your air filter gets too dirty, it may start blocking airflow to the system
  • Poor furnace maintenance – As with any machine, your central HVAC unit or heat pump requires regular maintenance to help reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns. 
  • Your furnace is old – Most furnaces are built to last up to twenty years with regular service and maintenance work. If your unit is approaching the twenty-year mark, it may start overheating, so consider your options for a heater replacement.

» Your Furnace Is Out of Fuel

Here’s an obvious question that many homeowners forget to ask: are all systems “go” at the fuel source? One of the first things you need to do is to ensure that there are no problems at the energy source.
  • For oil-powered furnaces, is there any oil in the tank?
  • For electric furnaces, is the furnace turned on at the breaker panel? Is the heater itself turned on?
  • For gas-powered furnaces, is the gas supply valve open? 
If your answer is no, there’s little chance that energy will ever reach your furnace. Before you seek heater replacement services, ensure that the problem isn’t simply a lack of energy.

» Leaky Air Ducts

In some cases, the ducts that distribute warm air throughout your house may be to blame for your heater problems. As with any other HVAC components, your air ducts can be subject to wear and tear. When leaks occur in your ductwork, the hot air in your ducts may escape or mix with the cold air surrounding your ducts. The resulting cooler air then ends up blowing into your living areas.

Conejo Valley Home Services Technicians are Available 24/7!

If your furnace turns on but doesn’t produce any heating, and these troubleshooting steps don’t solve the heating issues, it’s time to call for professional heating repair services. While most of these issues are easy to deal with, even those can be a big hassle without the proper expertise. If you’re facing an emergency heater issue, Conejo Valley Home Services is ready to take your call 24/7. With professional, knowledgeable, and experienced service technicians, you can rest assured that they will get your system back in working order ASAP! Call us at (805) 499-0448 to request your emergency heating repair services in the Conejo Valley today!
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