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Attic Insulation Replacement – Re-Insulate a Home

Attic Insulation Replacement

Keeping your house warm during the cold climate can be costly. Sure, you have an option to dial down your thermostat and layer yourself while staying indoor to reduce the energy cost.

However, if your attic is unfinished, insulating it correctly is a simple way to keep your heating bill within budget this season. According to the Department of Energy, insulation replacement in the attic can reduce 10 to 50 % of your energy bill.

It works the same during warm climates. When you replace the insulation in your attic, it stabilizes or maintains the indoor temperature in your dig.

That is why you must be vigilant about your home insulation before it starts wearing out. The problems it may cause you may vary from the drafty house, nuisances, to high energy bills. Thanks to allergens and mold, as they may cause health issues.

So what is the solution?

Insulation replacement from a professional service lasts for years, keeping your interior walls and attic well-maintained. It is an ideal way to prevent significant damages to your home. Never assume that your home’s attic insulation is “FINE” unless you get it inspected and ensure that it is in good shape.

If you don’t know where to begin, here is everything you need to know about attic insulation replacement or re-insulating your house.

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8 Signs that your Attic Insulation Needs Replacement

If you have never tried opening the access panel to your attic, it is maybe the right time to find out your attic insulation condition. Keep in mind that a poorly installed attic may lead to many severe s roofing issues.

Here is a rundown of signs that indicate your attic needs replacement.

1. Ice Damming

Continuous freezing and melting of snow form the ice ridges and damns in your roof’s inner side. If you see this sign, your attic is not in good condition and needs immediate insulation replacement. The ridges block water from draining.

2. Water Leaks

Water leaks are one of the common signs that indicate improper insulation in your attic. Water slipping through the cracks and tiny spaces may cause damage to your ceiling and interior wall spaces. Timely identifying this sign and reaching out to a professional service such as Conejo Valley Home Services may help you prevent this.

3. Cold Drafts

Chilly drafts in the house, including the attic, maybe a sign of poorly installed insulation. Install doors and windows adequately to make your dig less drafty.

4. Presence of Pests

Pests such as rodents and bugs are also an indication that there is something with your attic insulation. The tiny creatures make a hole and burrow in them. Increasing the volume of attic insulation can help you get rid of this problem.

5. Overcompensation of AC and Heater

If the house’s insulation is not sufficient, your air conditioning and heater may need to overcompensate to balance or maintain the temperature. This can be an indication of poor insulation.

6. Moisture in the Attic

Accumulated moisture in the attic makes an ideal breeding ground for fungi and mold. Damp spots in the attic space show that the insulation in the house is not optimal.

7. High Energy Costs

The improper ventilation system in the house doesn’t allow heat to escape. The condition affects the interior temperature of the house and increases your energy bills. If you’re getting higher energy bills than usual, getting your attic insulation inspected is better.

8. Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are also a telltale sign that your attic may need insulation replacement. The lines can explode if the temperature decreases outside, and that can be a costly repair.

How Else Can You Tell If You Need Insulation? Check below Points

If your home is old construction, it may have insufficient insulation. Plus, the insulation standards have evolved over the years. Old insulation doesn’t meet the code of current standards. Keeping your insulation system in check is a wise thing to do to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Replace the Insulation

So what else indicates that your house needs insulation? Look for the following signs

  • Your home feels too stuffy and hot in the summer
  • Your home feels too cold or chilled in the winter
  • There is a difference in the temperature of your upper and main floor
  • Your thermostat needs constant fidgeting to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home
  • You can hear or feel nuisance and noises from outside
  • You can’t see the floor joints in your attic
  • Your home is an old construction (built before the 1980s)

How Often Do I Need to Replace the Insulation in My Attic?

Knowing the signs that tell your home needs attic insulation replacement is not enough. You must be aware of how often you need to replace the insulation in the attic. Typically, it takes ten to fifteen years for standard insulation to wear off or peel from the walls. If your home is a decade old, it might have the same insulation system installed during construction.

In that case, you should consider replacing the insulation system sooner than ten or fifteen years. If you notice the signs mentioned above, that means the insulation system is not working correctly. You can opt for insulation replacement in the new construction if there are leaks in the walls.

How to Measure the Insulation

Measuring the insulation is easier than you think if you are aware of some basic insulation installation concepts.

Here are some necessary steps construction experts use to measure the insulation.

» Know Your Insulation Zone

Know the requirement or zone of the insulation. You can go through the specific guidelines on the R-values based on the project location. As zoning may vary, you must determine the code regulations and other requirements.

» Find out the Type of Insulation

Determine the type of insulation you need. The types can be;

  • Batts
  • Rolls
  • Unfaced
  • Faced

» Take Measurements of the Rooms

Measure the length and height of your room walls. Multiply the values and note down the stud spacing to determine the type of insulation you should purchase. When doing this calculation, do not subtract the doors and window openings.

You might need this estimation for odd cavities, waste amount, and non-framing distances. Measure all rooms and note that if the stud cavity has a similar value.

» Calculate the Rolls

Once you determine the amount of sq. ft required, divide it by the square footage that comes in the package. Note that insulation size and dimension may vary if you buy from different manufacturers.

» Advanced Insulation Software

If you find it hard to measure insulation with a traditional method, try estimating it with advanced software.

Some programs allow you to take blueprint takeoff for big projects. You can even connect them to QuickBooks. The software automates the process and also reduces the chances of errors when measuring insulation from architectural drawings.

Advanced Insulation Software

Tax Credits

As a homeowner, you can claim a tax credit to improve your home or install appliances that boost energy efficiency. Any geothermal, solar, wind, or fuel technology is eligible for the tax credit. This tax credit applies to home modification only. The amount is not refundable.

The energy tax credit can decrease the cost basis by the amount you can claim for your residential tax credits.

Contact Conejo Valley Home Services Today to Get Your Attic Insulation Professionally Replaced?

It is worth mentioning that tackling insulation systems on your own is easier said done. If you’re inexperienced, it is better not to deal with the technical problems yourself. You may run into several hazardous materials and rodent issues when you install new insulation in the attic.

This is when the role of experts comes into play. Only professional Attic Insulation services such as Conejo Valley Home Services can handle the task expertly. The attic insulation pros specialize in installing all sorts of attic systems in a variety of locations.

That means you can trust the professional team for the best attic insulation replacement in Conejo Valley. Whether your home needs heating installation, maintenance, ductwork, or home insulation, the team of experts excels at everything.

Keep your home warm in the chilly season and cool during scorching summer with Conejo Valley insulation and combat increasing energy bills. Contact Insulation contractor online or visit our site to schedule an inspection.

Contact Conejo Valley Home Services to Get Your Attic Insulation Professionally Replaced


All in all, attic inspection is one of the crucial things to ensure that your house insulates appropriately. You can look for the other signs like water leaks, rising energy bills, and fluctuating temperature in your home. Schedule a professional inspection to check the condition of the insulation and know its sufficiency and amount. Thus, the article includes valuable details on attic insulation replacement. Call us today at 805-499-0448.

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