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Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

Sewer Line Inspection, Repair, and Replacement Services in the Conejo Valley

A leaking sewer line? Sewage backup? When either happens, every moment counts. And since you cannot afford to wait around, let Conejo Valley Home Services help you address the situation before it escalates.

We are a local licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing contractor with over 40 years of experience handling residential and commercial plumbing jobs all over the Conejo Valley. Our customers receive quality guaranteed craftsmanship and customer service for sewer line drain inspections, cleaning, repair, and replacement. We strive to complete the job right the first time and leave our customers with confidence, peace of mind, and a lasting impression of a job thoroughly done.

When you call for sewer line services, our team arrives at your home on time and conducts a sewer line inspection to assess the extent of the damage. Depending on the evaluation findings, the team then proceeds with sewer repair or replacement, and making sure to complete the job per local plumbing codes.

Request a Quote Sewer Line Repair

With our 24/7 availability, you no longer have to wait until the next day to get the help you desperately need. You can also subscribe to our annual plumbing maintenance program to keep your drains and sewer line in top working order all year round.

Feel free to contact our team any time at 805-499-0448 for any professional assistance you need with your sewer system.

What are the Signs of a Sewer Line Repair?

A sewer line replacement or repair can be costly. Noticing the indicators of impending trouble and having the solution implemented in a timely fashion goes a long way to prevent extensive issues that could impact your home, health, and even finances. Here are warning signs to watch out for:

  • Slow Draining Water: If multiple drains in your home or office are unusually slow, you could be dealing with a blockage deep in your plumbing. With your sewer line clogged, it is only a matter of days before your home suffers a nasty sewage backup.
  • Sewage Backup: When sewage backs up when you run your washing machine or flush the toilet, chances are a sewer clog is pushing wastewater up your drains.
  • Wet/Lush Spots on the Lawn: If you notice any wet spots on your yard (and there has not been any rain recently) or a noticeably lush and vibrant section of greenery, this can indicate a sewer line leak.
  • Bad Smells: When persistent sewer odor infiltrates your home, it can be anything from clogged P-trap, blocked drain, vent pipe clogs, and broken/loose toilet seal. A professional plumber will diagnose the issue and decide between sewer line cleaning and other possible remedies.
  • Foundation Cracks: Cracks in the foundation are often attributable to wastewater from a cracked sewer drain. Do not wait until the cracks worsen to schedule an appointment with a trusted plumbing contractor.

Who is Responsible for a Broken Sewer Line?

The city and homeowners are responsible for different parts of the sewer line. The sections include:

  • Sewer Main: It transports the wastewater from many properties to the municipal wastewater treatment facility.
  • Sewer Lateral: The pipe extends from the sewer main to your property.

Your city owns and takes care of the sewer main line. And because the sewer lateral serves only one building, its responsibility lies on the property owner.

Do you need sewer line replacement or repair but don’t know where to begin? Call our team—we will help you determine what part you are responsible for and quickly get things back to normal.

What to Do if You Have a Broken Sewer Line

If you suspect your sewer lateral has suffered damage, contacting a qualified plumber as soon as possible is critical. The professional will identify the problem and develop an effective solution.

At no time should you attempt DIY sewer line repair. That’s for many reasons. Firstly, this kind of plumbing job demands unique tools and skills. Lacking any of this could mean a shoddy job that eventually eats into your money. Secondly, you risk violating local building codes, setting yourself up for harsh penalties and costly project redoes. Finally, a lot can go wrong with DIY sewer jobs. For example, you could also hit a gas line, increasing the risk of a fire hazard.

For help with any sewer issue, contact an established plumbing contractor that offers emergency plumbing and with great success rates with sewer line services.

Differences Between a Sewer Line Repair vs. Sewer Line Replacement

Experts recommend sewer line repair for cracks and holes in sewer lines. For severe pipe damage, replacement is the best bet for long-lasting results.

At Conejo Valley Home Services, we specialize in trenchless sewer line repair and replacement, saving homeowners an incredible amount of cash spent on digging. But should excavations be necessary, trust that our team will do the job in a safe and sanitary manner.

The Benefits to Having a Sewer Line Repair

Why should you have your sewer line repaired by a professional? Consider the benefits below:

  • Peace of Mind: A professional plumber will work to provide a long-lasting solution for your sewer problem, giving you the peace of mind that you will not have to deal with the mess anytime soon.
  • Saves Time: An experienced plumbing contractor possesses the tools and knowledge to quickly identify and fix the problem with your sewer pipe, saving time and preventing further damage.
  • Saves Money: A DIY sewer repair could result in more damage and costs. Save yourself the frustrations and expenses by having a professional handle the job.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Sewer Line in the Conejo Valley?

Below are the primary factors that influence the specific fee a contractor will charge you for sewer line replacement in the Conejo Valley:

  • Length of the damaged pipe section
  • The replacement pipe material
  • Replacement method

Sewer Line Maintenance and Prevention Tips

So, you want to keep your sewer line running smoothly and cut unnecessary plumbing repairs. Get started with the following pointers:

  • Discard potato peels, corn husks, FOG (fats, oil, and grease), eggshells, coffee grounds, pasta, rice, and beans in a compost bin, not down your kitchen drain.
  • Flush your drains with an enzyme drain cleaner at least monthly.
  • Do not push things down your drains.
  • Do not flush anything except human waste and toilet paper down your toilet.
  • Have your sewer line professionally cleared and cleaned at least annually if your home has several mature trees.

Contact a Sewer Line Repair Specialist!

Are you a Conejo Valley home or business owner struggling with sewer line issues? Contact the Conejo Valley Home Services team for a FREE, written, upfront quote for sewer line cleaning, repair, replacement, or maintenance. We serve the Conejo Valley residential and commercial clients with state-of-the-art plumbing services underpinned by our 40+ years of industry experience and a dedicated team of trained, certified, and highly vetted technicians.

When you hire our sewer line services, count on our team to complete the job correctly the first time. You can trust that our recommendations and solutions will last for decades. Contact us at 804-499-0448 for professional assistance with sewer repair, replacements, and more!

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