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Furnace Repair Near Me

When your furnace shows signs of faults, you don’t need to worry. To avoid any breakdowns in your furnace system in the middle of a chilly winter, trust Conejo Valley Home Services. where our highly skilled technicians on the ground to fix your furnace on time. With our furnace solution, you can overcome staying in the cold or having to bear with the unpleasant odor coming from the appliance. We are the most experienced HVAC Repair Company in Southern California, committed to the highest quality standard of service and guaranteed furnace repair done with high precision and swift delivery.

We also offer 24-hour Emergency Furnace Repair Services in greater Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, where you don’t need to wait another business day to schedule repair of your furnace, just call us at (805) 499-0448 today!

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When to call for Furnace Repair

Only contact professional and certified furnace service providers for your furnace repair projects. When the winter period sets in Conejo Valley, or other areas, it is essential that your furnace systems are in ideal working condition, functioning optimally. During the winter period, if your furnace isn’t generating the warm air required to keep your space warm and comfortable, you can quickly pick up your phone and call our HVAC technicians here, who will swiftly respond and fix it!

With many years of experience, we have been repairing furnaces – covering both gas and electric furnaces all throughout the state. Below are some vital signs to consider with respect to fixing your furnace system:

When the furnace does not start when the thermostat is turned on :

When you need heat in your living space but can’t have it, it can reveal a sign of a faulty thermostat. While this can cause problems and discomfort for you, it is quite easy and affordable to get it repaired by our expert technicians. Note that only an expert HVAC technician can handle this without further complicating issues.

When your furnace lights up, but doesn’t provide warm air :

This is another common furnace repair sign and can be a serious issue if it isn’t delivering warm air into your rooms, although the furnace turns on. The main issue is that the circulating fan or blower has stopped functioning properly. When the ducts are clogged or have come apart, this can trigger problems. While furnace ducts can be easily cleaned and fixed by just anyone, you have to allow only professionals to take care of those hard-to-reach locations – such as crawl areas & attics, etc.

When the furnace blower runs continuously :

When your blower refuses to turn off, this is yet another gas furnace problem sign, calling for repair. This is caused by a faulty switch or if the blower wants to stop working entirely. If you notice this, quickly contact our HVAC professional.


If you have any other problems or you feel like your furnace device is still acting up and not working to its full efficiency, we are just a call away at your heating service. Schedule your heater or furnace repair services appointment online today!

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Furnace Repair Prevention Tips

You can consider the following furnace repair prevention tips: It can be really challenging to wait for furnace repairs in the middle of the winter season. The truth is that most of the furnace problems people encounter can be largely preventable. The following tips can help you avoid them at all costs; bear in mind that furnace repair preventative maintenance is key to prolonging its life.

Changing the Air Filter :

Changing your furnace air filter is the simplest way to maintain the appliance. The furnace filter guarantees that the air coming through is clean.  When it is dirty, it will not function properly. A dirty filter actually blocks air from flowing through to the filter, and will make the furnace suffer in many ways.

Scheduling Routine Maintenance :

It is vital that you schedule maintenance for your furnace even before the winter season starts. This will include professional inspection, and tuning up the appliance parts to run smoothly as possible. Maintenance will help you find out about furnace faults earlier – so that you can schedule repairs before it breaks down. When the parts are in perfect order, this will lower repair needs and expenses!

24-Hour Emergency Heating Furnace Services

If You have an Emergency Heating Repair Need, Simply Call Our 24-hour Emergency


Our Furnace Repair Process

Our Furnace Repair Process is simple:

  • You have to schedule the perfect time that is most suitable for an appointment with us (morning or afternoon). Upon request, we can also attend to you in the early mornings, late evenings and emergency appointments.
  • Once our certified expert technician(s) arrives at your location, we will further discuss the issues that you might be experiencing and then provide practical steps for diagnosing the problem.
  • As soon as the issue is discovered, we will discuss the best repair options and related costs for such repairs. We can guarantee every repair for up to a year; within terms and condition!
  • If the appliance requires a more extensive repair, we will provide you with a comprehensive repair quote or talk-over equipment replacement options.

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Gas Furnaces & Electric Furnace Services

It is our duty to provide the best maintenance & installation services for gas or electric furnaces in the greater Los Angeles area. In order to assist our wide range of clients, our team offers:

Furnace Replacement

We can help provide a replacement for furnace parts that need such. With only high-quality parts from the best manufacturers, you are certain that your furnace will get the ideal match.

Furnace Maintenance

We can provide you furnace maintenance services, so that your appliance will always be in its best condition.

Furnace Installation

If you just purchased a new furnace, we can help you install it in the most professional way.

Furnace Safety and Carbon Monoxide

When your furnace works appropriately, it will definitely keep your home and space warm and comfortable. When a furnace is poorly maintained or installed – it can be a source of danger in your living space. As the appliance gets older and work harder, malfunctioning is more likely. When a furnace doesn’t function properly, it can produce hazardous levels of carbon monoxide via small, unseen cracks in the combustion compartment. Being an odorless, colorless offshoot – carbon monoxide can develop silently, yet be potentially deadly, and a serious threat to homeowners. With our furnace maintenance service, we can help eliminate carbon monoxide and any safety issues.

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Conejo Valley Home Services?
  • We Offer 24-hour Emergency Services
  • We Charge by the Job – Not by the Hour
  • We Offer Only the Most Dependable Customer Satisfaction With Each Job Completed

Choose Conejo Valley Home Services. for Furnace Repair Services

Call now:805-499-0448

There are several reasons why you should consider Conejo Valley Home Services. furnace repair services. Below are just a few points:

  • We are a small, local company and we always work hard as a professional HVAC Contractor would do. We do everything in our power to make your furnace function correctly, earning your trust and business as a result.
  • We always fix all models and makes of furnaces.
  • We know a lot about furnaces (in and out) and this comprises of handling major types of gas and electric furnaces.
  • Our furnace repair services are also very affordable and we provide upfront pricing, with no hidden charges. This allows you to know the overall cost of your repair or installation options, thus helping you to make the best decision for your budget.
  • Our furnace repairs are 100% guaranteed.
  • We always stand by our work. Should your appliance develop issues during the same period, we can fix it for free (T & C applies).
  • After the job is done, we make sure to keep your home clean! With a priority for keeping things tidy, we will work at your place and protect your space from dirt by wearing booties, and we clean the area around your furnace at the completion of a job.
  • We are licensed, professional technicians who are friendly and ready to assist 24/7.

Schedule a Furnace Repair Near Me

We are established as a local furnace repair company in the greater Los Angeles area, with extensive experience comprising of several years. You can schedule your furnace repair appointment with us today. Remember, if your furnace system isn’t functioning correctly, you don’t have to wait till it quits. Contact us immediately to schedule an appointment now or to get a free quote and ensure you and your loved ones stay warm all throughout the winter season. We tend to keep ourselves updated regarding the new methods and practices in the furnace repair and maintenance business. Similarly, our HVAC company believes in providing the timely and extremely efficient services in the most effective manner possible. Conejo Valley Home Services. team will answer all your queries and offer you the best solution.
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