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What You Should Know About Your Attic Duct Insulation?

Attic Duct Insulation

If your home has a ducted heating and cooling system, one of the best places to locate the duct system is in the attic.

But Attic Duct Insulation is no stranger to issues, most of which are related to temperature or moisture.

Attics are unpleasantly hot during summer. If your attic ducts are leaky or improperly sealed, the warm attic air will warm the cool air in the ducts, leading to energy wastage.

Similarly, during winter, the warm air flowing through the ducts will escape into the cold attic. Excessive heat transfer between leaky or uninsulated attic ducts and unconditioned attic leads to energy wastage. This costs you an incredible amount of money on your annual utility bills. You can prevent this by insulating and sealing your ductwork.

Insulating and sealing your attic ductwork also helps with the mold issue. You see, hot air in your attic carries with it moisture. While proper ventilation excels at curbing moisture problems, relatively cold ductwork encourages condensation. With continued condensation, your attic becomes a breeding ground for mold. That is why you should call a competent Insulation Contractor to sufficiently seal and insulate your ducts to keep condensation and mold growth at bay.

The professional will first check for damage and cracks on your attic ducts and subsequently fix or replace the affected sections. The expert can then spray blown-in fiberglass insulation (an excellent material for attic insulation) outside your attic ducts to prevent excessive heat transfer between the attic and ducts.

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At Conejo Valley Home Services, we highly encourage homeowners to clean their ductwork regularly to prevent the accumulation of allergens, dust, and mold growth. Also, it is essential to schedule routine ductwork inspections to spot and fix physical anomalies that could allow the often problematic warm, moist air into your ducts.

So, how can we help? Please read on to learn more about our attic duct insulation services in Southern California.

Our Attic Duct Insulation Services: Repair, Reseal, and Reinsulate

» Attic Duct Repairs, Renovations & Design Services

Attic ducts can be dark, dingy, and pretty confusing for beginners- no wonder most homeowners neglect this vital part of their HVAC system. But this decision carries with it heavy implications, from high energy bills, mold growth to stuffy and uncomfortable indoor spaces. It, therefore, helps to schedule professional attic duct design, renovation, and repair services.

Our attic duct repair services can help restore the working order of your attic ductwork. It is common knowledge that damaged ducts raise air conditioning and heating expenses to incredible levels and cause premature compressor failure. What’s more, pollutants are more likely to accumulate in your home if your ducts are leaky.

If you are experiencing energy cost issues or installing a new air conditioning system, it often helps to upgrade your attic ductwork. Our attic duct renovation services come into the picture here. Modern standards require ducts to be installed with careful consideration of the size to ensure efficient air distribution. This is because under or oversized ducts can hamper airflow, creating hot and cold spots in your home. Trust our air conditioning team to resize your ducts and enjoy the best results from your HVAC equipment.

Our attic duct design services are designed to ensure proper air circulation in your home. Our duct layout design experts calculate the individual air requirements of your home using custom industry formulations to ensure balanced and comfortable airflow. The professionals then formulate a view of your duct system, review the plan with you, and answer any questions you may have.

Call us today at 805-499-0448 to conquer these issues and restore maximum comfort in your home.

Attic Duct Repairs, Renovations and Design Services

» Attic Duct Sealing

Most California homeowners underestimate the cost of air leaks in their ducts. According to recent research, the average home loses 20-30% of conditioned air to poorly installed ducts, leaks, holes, and aged duct connections. This means that a brand-new, highly efficient HVAC system can only deliver 70%-80% of the desired performance.

Our attic duct sealing techniques can help you get the most out of your existing duct system by tackling leaks from the inside out. We even conduct additional tests to demonstrate how much of an improvement our sealing process makes to your system.

We are all about getting the air losses down to 5%. Our clients love the results, and we are more than happy to help achieve them. You, too, can feel the difference! Get started today by dialing 805-499-0488.

» Attic Re-Insulation & Renovations

Attic insulation is among the top ways to convert your home into an energy-efficient and cozy entity. According to EPA, proper home insulation can cut heating and cooling costs by 20-30%.

Whereas batted insulation was the popular option for attic insulation years ago, it is not as efficient as the modern options. Today, we have blown-in insulation, which excels in sealing tight all gaps and space, offering an excellent heat transfer barrier between your attic and your home’s outdoor environs. The outcome is consistent conditioned temperatures in your home and reduced energy bills.

A certified and experienced Attic Insulation Contractor, Conejo Valley Home Services provide both fiberglass and cellulose blown-in insulation to residents and businesses in Conejo Valley and surrounding areas. Shoot us a message here if you need help choosing and implementing the right insulation for your home and budget.

If you intend to redesign your attic, you certainly will not regret allowing our attic remodeling experts to help you bring your dream into reality.

Attic Re-Insulation and Renovations

» Attic Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers are designed to reduce summer heat and minimize cooling costs. When the sun heats your roof, the roof material radiates the gained heat energy onto the attic ductwork insulation, ductwork, and floor. As a result, your air conditioner keeps running over time, consuming more energy. An attic radiant barrier significantly reduces the radiant heat transfer from the underside of your roof to other attic surfaces, making your home more comfortable and cost-efficient all year round.

Conejo Valley Home Services offers full-suite attic radiant barrier services, including professional installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. Not sure which solution suits you? Contact us today for an attic duct inspection.

The Benefits of Efficient Attic Ductwork

» Better Airflow:

Efficient attic ductwork guarantees better airflow. You get sufficient airflow in places where you need it, and your home becomes a more comfortable, livable entity.

» Lower Energy Bills:

Properly installed ducts help lower energy bills. They keep more conditioned air inside your home, which means you do not have to overwork your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable. As a result, you incur lower energy costs. Less strain means a longer lifespan of your heating and cooling system, postponing a potentially expensive equipment replacement.

» Better Indoor Air Quality:

A well-installed and sealed attic ductwork minimizes air infiltration from the outdoors, preventing atmospheric pollutants from accumulating indoors. In the end, individuals vulnerable to asthma flares and allergies benefit from better indoor air quality.

Important Tips to Save Energy with Professional Ductwork through the Attic Insulation

» Check Your Ducts for Leakages

There exists a direct correlation between a duct system’s age and the extent of leakage. In fact, older homes in California have an average duct leakage of over 50%. The leakage in newer counterparts is about 15%, yet many homeowners overlook this critical aspect of residential comfort and energy consumption.

Leaky ducts are notorious energy wasters. But you do not want to waste your money insulating leaky attic ductwork. It is like wrapping a leaky pipe joint with a rag- it may slow down the flow, but it does not completely stop the leak. Have a certified contractor fix tears and loose joints on your ducts first, then think about insulation.

Important Tips to Save Energy with Professional Ductwork through the Attic Insulation

» Check Attic Vents

While the attic radiant barrier may reduce radiant heat transfer in your attic, you still need good airflow to remove heat from your attic. Attic ventilation comes in here.

Attic ventilation comprises two types of vents: intake vents and hot air exhaust vents. Intake vents (soffit vents), usually located under the eaves, allow cool air to enter the attic, while hot air exhaust vents (installed at the roof’s peak) allow hot air to escape from the attic. This way of venting the attic is known as passive ventilation.

For optimal exchange of warm and cool air, the general rule is to install at least 1 square feet of vent for every 300 square feet of attic floor. Use durable roof vents with a flange that forms a watertight seal. The vents should be installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and should stay clean and open. We recommend the use of compressed air to clean blocked soffit vents.

» Minimize Infiltration

Ventilation is fresh air that enters a building in a controlled fashion to reduce stuffiness, odors, and moisture. Infiltration/air leakage, on the other hand, is outside air that enters a building uncontrollably through cracks and holes.

The recommended strategy for new and old homes is to cut down infiltration as much as possible and improve ventilation. Simple methods to reduce infiltration include:

  • Sealing unused fireplaces
  • Caulking cracks
  • Adding weather stripping
  • Installing gaskets on all openings for pipes, electrical conduits, air, and through-the-wall cooling fixtures

Conejo Valley Home Services is Here to Help

The skilled technicians at Conejo Valley Home Services have been offering top-caliber attic duct insulation services to residents and businesses in Conejo Valley and nearby regions for over 30 years. Contact us today at 805-499-0448 or contact our insulation experts online to schedule attic insulation and ductwork installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance. We will be more than happy to help improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and air quality.

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