modern-furnace-repair-img Winter is here, and the weather is getting chilly! That means it’s time for your annual furnace tune up! When a heating system isn’t working correctly, the first thing you would do is call a repair technician. But many forget that regular furnace maintenance is just as vital to ensure the longevity of their system and to avoid such repairs in the first place. If you haven’t thought about preparing your furnace for winter, it’s not too late. Read on to find out why a winter furnace tune up is essential for the comfort and safety of your home:

What is a Furnace Tune Up?

A furnace tune up is a maintenance service that involves an HVAC technician inspecting your furnace to ensure the system operates properly during the months you need it most. The older the furnace gets, the more wear and tear it has. Winter maintenance helps keep the system safe to avoid dangerous levels of carbon monoxide or gas leaks. An HVAC technician can check that the system works safely while cleaning, adjusting, and replacing components. While it is highly recommended for all homeowners to have annual furnace tune ups, some manufacturers also require regular maintenance as part of their warranty policy.

What Does a Furnace Tune Up Include?

Regular furnace tune ups ensure the system runs as it should, keeping you safe and comfortable and your energy bills low. But what exactly do technicians look for during heater maintenance? Here are some of the main tasks to expect when you schedule a furnace tune up: Blower Cleaning: HVAC technicians inspect and clean the blower housing and wheel to make your system more efficient and avoid higher energy costs. Air Filter Replacement: Air filters also must be regularly cleaned or replaced to ensure the energy efficiency of your furnace and improve your indoor air quality. Electrical Wiring Inspection: The electrical wiring in your HVAC system can become loose over time. The tightening of wires and connections helps prevent malfunctions and the need for emergency furnace repair services. Burner Adjustment: The furnace’s burners have components that technicians must regularly inspect to maximize furnace efficiency and safe operation. Ignition System Inspection: Pilot lights can accumulate buildup, affecting their functioning. Cleaning them will ensure they always ignite as they should. Safety Measures: Gas and carbon monoxide leaks are dangerous to your family. A complete inspection of your unit’s components is crucial to the safety of your system. Heat Exchanger Inspection: The heat exchanger is an integral part of a gas furnace. HVAC technicians must regularly inspect it to ensure optimal gas pressure and flame operation. Efficiency Checks: If your furnace is not efficient, you will waste energy, and your utility bills will soar. Monitoring the system helps achieve the correct temperature output, resulting in a more efficient furnace. Consultation: Trained HVAC technicians can provide you with additional advice on system upgrades that can improve the safety of your furnace.

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Why Schedule Furnace Tune Ups Every Year?

If you have a newer system, you may wonder if it’s necessary to schedule annual furnace tune-ups. The answer is yes! There are many reasons why you shouldn’t skip this task, regardless of the age of your system:

» Home Safety

Some furnace failures, such as gas and carbon monoxide leaks, are dangerous, leading to fire hazards and poisoning. Early detection through annual maintenance will help prevent malfunctions, keeping your home safe all season.

» Preventing Repairs

A heating system that’s not regularly inspected will eventually call for repairs that are more expensive than annual maintenance, especially if new parts and emergency furnace repair services are involved.

» Maintaining Pressure

Optimal air pressure is necessary to ensure your furnace is heating your home as it should. HVAC technicians measure air pressure during a routine maintenance job, and if there are pressure issues, they fix them at the source.

» Prolonging Furnace Life

A furnace is not something anyone plans on replacing frequently. However, you can only be sure of the extended life of your equipment if you regularly check for any problems and replace parts when necessary. Winter HVAC maintenance ensures a long life for your furnace and costs much less than a complete system replacement.

» Maintaining Warranty

To maintain their warranty, many furnaces must undergo annual, professional inspections from a licensed HVAC technician. It’s a task you can’t skip if you want to keep the warranty in place.

» Energy Efficiency

Furnace maintenance involves many steps which help improve your system’s overall efficiency, helping you save costs in the heating season.

» Clean Equipment

Furnaces gather dust all summer when unused and must be cleaned before you turn them on. Otherwise, they will blow foul odors and dust into the air, decreasing indoor air quality. Annual tune ups include cleaning to prevent dust buildup and improve system efficiency.

» Tracking Performance

Regular furnace tune up done by professionals usually includes a written report that explains the tests run and the measures taken to improve your system’s performance. If you decide to sell your home, these reports will show buyers that you are a responsible owner who takes care of their equipment.

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Winter furnace tune up is essential to ensure your heating works efficiently in the months when you need it most. It helps you avoid expensive repairs, save energy costs, and improve the safety of your home. It’s not too late to have a winter furnace tune up with Conejo Valley Home Services. The sooner you schedule an inspection, the more likely you can enjoy the benefits of an improved, safer, and more efficient system this heating season! The technicians at Conejo Valley Home Services have vast experience in furnace maintenance services. We perform tune ups with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure your heating needs are met all season. Call us at (805) 499-0448 or get in touch online, and let us get your furnace ready for the winter!
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