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HVAC Maintenance : Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance2022-09-12T08:47:54+00:00

HVAC Maintenance

Can you imagine driving your car 10,000 miles without an oil change? The same goes for our HVAC system that needs frequent cleaning and maintenance. Regular HVAC maintenance can add durability to your heating and AC system. Pre-season maintenance can avoid a system failure in severe cold or hot weather and lower energy bills. Let’s explore how to take care of your HVAC systems and enjoy the peak performance of your AC and heating systems all year-round.

Why is it Important to Maintain My HVAC Unit?

HVAC MaintenanceIf you could see an accident before it happened, wouldn’t you want to prevent it? Well, you can do that with proper maintenance, which can prevent trouble with your system before it becomes a serious, Emergency HVAC Repair situation.

A routine heating and air conditioning maintenance will help prolong the life of your system. Maintaining your system will ensure proper operation and maintain its cleanliness. Dirt buildup can lead to equipment malfunctioning. In addition, cleanliness will provide improved capacity and lower energy costs. Keep in mind, regular maintenance will support your effort in meeting the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Sit back, relax, and leave the heating and air conditioning maintenance to us.

Call (805) 499-0448 now or Contact us today to get your expert emergency HVAC services and repair near your location.

The Conejo Preferred Maintenance Club

Contact us today to purchase an annual maintenance membership. View our brochure for a detailed breakdown of our silver and gold plans.

Our HVAC Tune-Up and Maintenance Plan include:

Conejo Valley Home Services is the trusted brand of HVAC Company that will provide you with a detailed tune-up checklist and offer workable recommendations to get your HVAC system working in perfect order.

  • Preferential emergency service scheduling and expedited response time
  • Discounts on additional repairs
  • Cleaning and adjusting burners/cross overs
  • Checking and adjusting gas pressures
  • Inspection for gas leaks at furnace
  • Lubricating motors (if needed)
  • Vacuum return compartment of furnace
  • Checking motor/compressor performances
  • Inspection of the evaporator coil (if accessible)
  • Checking for proper flue venting
  • Inspection of return systems
  • Tightening all electrical connections
  • Cleaning condensing coil (if needed)
  • Testing refrigeration levels (super heat & sub cooling)
  • Cleaning/clearing condensation lines (If equipped with clean out)
  • Inspection of the condition of the air sanitizer
  • Replacing/cleaning 1” air filters
  • Inspection duct work
  • Safety inspection of heat exchanger
  • Inspection of the safety sensors
  • Recommend necessary accessories (if needed)
  • Recommendations on how to become energy efficient inside the household
  • Checking the thermostat operation/calibration (if needed)

How Often Should I Go for HVAC Maintenance?

The answer to this question can vary. However, here is a general guide that helps you schedule timely HVAC maintenance.

  • For a system that cools and heats: in spring and fall
  • For cooling system only: at least once a year, before the winter seasons
  • For furnace: routine maintenance, before winter or at least once a year

Now that you know when to schedule cleaning your system, let’s take a look at how to maintain your HVAC system.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Preventive measures like these can help you avoid costly repairs that can dent your budget. Here are some important HVAC Services and maintenance tips to keep your HVAC repair costs low:

Check for Unusual Sounds

Paying attention to grinding, thumping, buzzing, or rattling with your HVAC system can signal a problem. Make sure you also check for a weak airflow, spotty cooling or heating, and puddles around your indoor unit.

Replace Air Filters

Remember that you should replace air filters every two to three months. But you should also check them for clogs and dirt every month. It would help if you replaced air filters every 30 to 90 days, and they need to be checked every month for dirt and clogs. The frequency of replacing air filters increases if you have a large family or pets. Dirty filters will cause your equipment to work harder than they should. This results in energy waste and even possible internal damage to the unit. Become familiar with the type of filter your system requires. If you have a washable filter that is reusable, make sure it is completely dry before replacing it.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Vents

Make sure you vacuum the vents frequently to keep dirt and dust from accumulating, obstructing the airflow. You should also check the airflow regularly to detect any problems with the vents. An experienced HVAC technician can identify any problems with the vents to improve airflow. Improving indoor air quality starts with cleaning your humidifier reservoir regularly. The cleanliness of your humidifier will prevent the build-up of mold and mildew.

Stick to a Maintenance Schedule

Create an HVAC preventive maintenance plan. Schedule a professional HVAC cleaning appointment so you can save both time and money. Contact us online or call us now at (805) 499-0448 for professional HVAC Maintenance. We have very competitive market rates when it comes to HVAC maintenance and tune-up of all well-known brands.

Take care of the Outside Unit

Most homeowners forget about the outside unit of your HVAC system. Make sure the unit is completely free of twigs, leaves, or debris. Cutting down shrubs and back plants also help you prevent any damage to your HVAC system. You can wipe don the outside and inside of the unit to eliminate dirt. In some cases, people also use a garden hose to wash it off, through a gentle spray. All of the return registers/ grilles should be kept free of obstructions such as furniture, dirt, and debris. This will hinder proper airflow. Unrestricted airflow to the outdoor unit is extremely important. Remove trash leaves, grass, and tree trimmings that are in close proximity. Any debris that collects around the unit will cause your unit to work harder than intended, resulting in more energy use and higher utility bills.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Periodically, place your thermostat on HEAT and move the temperature setting above room temperature. Listen for any unusual sounds. Contact us if you believe there may be a potential problem.

Take Care of the Level of your HVAC Unit

A heat pump or air conditioner should sit level. If you notice a shifting or settling of the ground in which your unit sits, re-level. Moisture/water must drain properly from the condensing unit.

If you have an annual maintenance agreement, please identify yourself as a preferred maintenance customer when contacting the team of Conejo Valley Home Services.

24-Hour Emergency HVAC Services

If You have an Emergency HVAC Repair Need, Simply Call Our 24-hour Emergency


Seasonal Maintenance Tips to Improve Your HVAC System Energy Efficiency

These seasonal and monthly maintenance tips are intended to improve your HVAC system energy efficiency and lower utility bills, and also to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter!

Schedule your HVAC Maintenance by Conejo Valley Home Services

Scheduling annual and regular HVAC maintenance appointments can help you avoid costly repairs. When searching for reliable HVAC maintenance services, Conejo Valley Home Services is the best choice for all your needs. Our team boasts highly trained and licensed technicians that provide consistent and expert services. Trust in our team to offer you the best services. Our team provide round-the-clock emergency HVAC repair and HVAC maintenance in different areas of California including all of Conejo Valley areas and nearby regions including Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County. Contact us online or call us now at (805) 499-0448 or Like us on Facebook!

Conejo Valley Home Services?
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  • We Charge by the Job – Not by the Hour
  • We Offer Only the Most Dependable Customer Satisfaction With Each Job Completed

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