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Air Purification System Installation in the Conejo Valley and Surroundings

Air Purification System Installation in the Conejo Valley and Surroundings

Professional Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Your Business or Home

Indoor air quality is critical to indoor comfort and the overall health of your home’s occupants, but unfortunately, most homeowners often overlook this component. It will probably surprise you that EPA lists indoor air quality among the top five environmental risks to public health!

Perhaps you are aware that lung-damaging ozone pollution often reaches its highest levels in most parts of Southern California. But the pollutants inside your home could be as harmful to you and your loved ones’ health. The risk becomes worse if any of you suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. Some of the most prevalent culprits for indoor air pollution include dust mites, asbestos, mold, household products and chemicals, radon gas, pet dander, carbon monoxide, and tobacco smoke.

Conejo Valley Home Services – a reputed HVAC contractor in Southern California – help businesses and residents in the Conejo Valley and its surroundings bring indoor air pollution under control. We continue to set high standards for professional indoor air quality solutions, offering top-quality air purification system installation to residences and businesses throughout Southern California.

If you want to learn more about our air purification products or installation services, the HVAC experts at Conejo Valley Home Services are only a phone call away.
Air Purifier Installation Services

Our extensive experience with residential and commercial air purification installation spans systems of all sizes, handling all kinds of airborne pollutants. From whole-facility systems to source capture air purifiers, combustible dust, to toxic fumes, we handle all from start to finish. If you need air purification installations explicitly customized to your needs, trust Conejo Valley Home Services to develop an air purifying system that aligns with your goals. The installation scope does not matter; we are equipped to handle every aspect of your air purification project. What’s more, we use products from proven brands in the industry and engineered with the best materials and technologies.

How Air Purification Works

» Start Eliminating Odors with Air Purification

Allergens like pet dander, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, pollen, and smoke can incredibly impact your lungs and immune system. An air purifier – installed into your existing HVAC system – uses filters, electrical attraction, or ozone to remove these allergens and other pollutants from the air. This helps eliminate germ and odor while preventing the production of anything harmful in your home air.

Air purification works in three primary stages, namely pre-filter, deodorized filter, and HEPA filter. But note that whereas the basic working is standard across all air cleaners, the actual purification processes vary depending on the technology incorporated in a particular cleaner.

During the pre-filter stage, the air cleaner sucks in the polluted air inside the room. The sucked air flows through the pre-filter, removing large dust particles, including dust mite, pet hair, etc.

The deodorized filter consists of activated carbon that efficiently traps gases and odors that pass through it.

In the third stage, the relatively cleaner air flows through the HEPA filter, which filters 99.97% of pollutants in the air. Finally, a fan motor housed in the air purifier blows out the filtered air.

Types of Air Purification Systems

1. Filter-Based Air Purification Systems

» Flat Filter

Flat filters are ideal for homes heated through forced air. They are designed to stop large particles of dust but allow the passage of microscopic particles that irritate the lungs. These filters clog quickly, which is why you need to change them more often (at least once per month).

» Extended Media Filters

They are boxy units (about 8 inches thick) that encompass a pile of filtration media, making them a more effective alternative to standard filters. Their large size allows for the installation into the ductwork of an HVAC system, but this is a task you should leave to a professional HVAC contractor.

» Electrostatic Precipitators

Also known as electronic filters, electrostatic precipitators use electrostatic energy to filter pollutant air. As air flows through, a high voltage charges the particles. An oppositely charged collector plate grabs the particles, separating them from the air. These filters do not need replacing, but you must clean the aluminum collector plates every few months.

» Ultraviolet Filters

If you are constantly worried about germs, an ultraviolet filter system could be your best option. They use ultraviolet light to neutralize viruses and bacteria from pollutant air instantly.

2. Duct-Based Systems

Also known as in-duct or in-line air purifiers, these units are installed into your home’s or business’ existing air ducts, filtering pollutants in the air flowing through your ductwork.

3. Stand-Alone Air Purifying Systems

Stand-alone or portable air purifiers are a practical option for a home without central air-conditioning or heating. They are generally installed in a closet or attic. Also available are whole house units that require attic installation and ducting to individual rooms in your home.

Do you Really Need an Air Purifier?

Not everyone needs an air purifier. A regularly replaced standard air filter can offer enough indoor air quality for most individuals. However, some people are more vulnerable to air contamination risks than others and may benefit from an air purifier. These individuals include:

  • Asthma patients: An air purifier helps clean indoor air, preventing flares in people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.
  • Allergy sufferers: A small number of particles is enough to trigger symptoms in people vulnerable to severe allergies. An air purifying system helps reduce the amounts of contaminants, so these individuals breathe easier.
  • People with a weak immune system: If you or a family member has a weak immune system, chances are you are susceptible to developing respiratory conditions. An air purifier can help reduce the risks.

Choose Conejo Valley Home Services for Quality Installation of Air Purification System and Accessories

Are you looking to improve indoor air quality in your home or business? Conejo Valley Home Services has got you covered with top-notch air purification system installation.

We install a broad range of air purifying units, from UV AIR PURIFIERS, WHOLE-HOUSE PURIFIERS, Commercial Air Purifiers & MORE, ensuring your family or employees are safe from harmful toxins. Count on us to check your air contaminants and pick and install the right purification system for your needs.

Conejo Valley Home Services also offers top-of-the-line air purification accessories from brands renowned for their high-quality materials and advanced technologies.

Air Purification System Installation Services

Maintenance Tips of Air Purification

Proper usage and regular maintenance are critical to keeping your air purifier at top performance. Get started with the following tips:

  • Monitor the purifier filter indicator often. The component measures performance and tells you when you need to replace the filter.
  • Clean the area around the purifier regularly to prevent dust buildup and unnecessary work for the gadget.
  • Clean permanent filters at least every three months to extend your unit’s lifespan and save on replacement costs.
  • Vacuum the exterior grills and panels, or clean them using a dust cloth to prevent dust buildup.
  • You should unplug the purifier before cleaning it. Also, ensure no water enters the machine; otherwise, you increase the risk for damage to the internal components.
  • Make sure there is sufficient space around your air purifying unit so that it can suck air freely. Note that the air exchange rate is highest when the unit is placed in a sealed room with closed doors and windows.

If you are unable to keep up with the air purifier maintenance schedule, contact indoor air quality experts at Conejo Valley Home Services for help.

Air Purification Repair & Replacement

Conejo Valley Home Services offers trusted air purifier repair and replacement services for residences and businesses in Southern California. Our experts conduct various tests to locate damaged or malfunctioning components within your air purifying unit. Our experts make fast and reliable repairs to ensure your equipment continues to deliver the desired quality for your home air.

We may recommend a complete replacement of the air purification system if your air purification system is outdated. With the advancement in HVAC technology, the air purifiers available on the market are diverse. We are experienced and happy to recommend and install air purifiers that better meet your indoor air quality needs.

Hire our trusted air purifier repair and replacement services, also To order our accessories or book air purification installation services, reach out to us.
Air Purifier Installation Services

What is the Difference Between Air Purifier and Air Filter?

Air filters incorporate mesh screens or other fibers that trap pollutants as they flow through the heating and cooling system. The air filter grade determines the size of particles it can capture. Clogged air filters must be cleaned or disposed of.

Air purifiers can capture as many particles as air filters, and even more depending on their technology. However, they use different mechanisms. Most units can eliminate contaminants using electrical charge, but also available are UV air purifiers that kill biological pollutants.

Room Air Purifier vs Whole Home Air Purifier

A room air purifier is ideal for smaller spaces and is typically portable and programmable. You can use it when needed if you experience seasonal allergies.

A whole-home air purifier is integrated into your HVAC system, which means that much cleaner air flows through your events right from the start. These units are less noisy and can be programmed through the thermostat.

Commercial Air Purifier Services in Conejo Valley and Surroundings

Conejo Valley Home Services offers reliable commercial air purifier services to Southern California businesses. We can help your business too! With our extensive experience and knowledge of commercial indoor air quality, we can determine and install the best air purification system for your business requirements. Call us today at 805-499-0448.

What Would be the Whole House Air Purifier Cost?

Whole-house air purification systems vary in cost depending on several considerations:

  • Purifier brand and model: Different purifier brands and models come with different features and capabilities. You can expect models with premium filtration systems and more extensive coverage areas to cost more.
  • Ductwork modifications: Deteriorated ductwork will hamper the efficiency of an air purifier. So, if your ductwork requires cleaning or modifications, be ready to dig deeper into your pockets.
  • Electrical modifications: Sometimes, installing a whole-house air purifier requires the HVAC contractor or an electrician to modify the existing electrical system. Undoubtedly, you incur an additional cost to have this task completed.

Air Purification System FAQ’s

» Are Air Purifiers Noisy?

The level of purifier noise depends on the unit’s type, size, and whether you have set it on high or low. The average air purifier noise output lies somewhere between the sound of your refrigerator running and a whispered conversation.

» Can Air Purifier Eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds?

Air purifiers with activated carbon filters can handle any concentration of gaseous pollutants, including volatile organic compounds(VOCs).

» What is CADR Rating?

Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) indicates how fast an air purifier can clean the air within a particular room size.

» Can I Get a Custom-Built System?

Yes. Air purifying systems are not one-size-fits-all. Experts at Conejo Valley Home Services can find and install the right system for your needs. We only need to know what you need, and we will deliver.

» How Much Space Can an Air Purifier Cover?

Portable air purifiers can cover 700 square feet effectively. Whole-house air purifiers and commercial models can cover larger areas and even several rooms.

» Do Air Purifiers Have Side Effects

Some air purifiers, especially ionizers, electrostatic precipitators, and ozone generators, emit ozone which can intensify symptoms in people with asthma and other preexisting health conditions.

» How Do I Know Whether I Have an Indoor Air Quality Issue?

If you experience new health problems after a change in your surroundings, for example, pesticide application or remodeling, it could signal an indoor air quality problem. You can also look for stuffy or smelly air, mold growth, and condensation on your windows and walls.

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