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What is HVAC installation?

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning referred to as HVAC, is a climate control system. It is installed in businesses and homes to keep the interior comfortable by moving cooled or heated air throughout by air ducts and vents. Installation of the HVAC system is provided by an HVAC company’s trained professional service technicians who help maintain the system and repairs.

The Cost of HVAC Installation Factors

Having an HVAC system installed is a high cost. It is an investment that affects the day-to-day quality of life in a business or home. The cost of the equipment for an HVAC installation is only a part equation. The labor is a part of the cost and starts with the removal of the old units. The older the home or a home with never had HVAC will be more labor-intensive, thus costing more overall. The variables that affect the cost include:

  • The equipment’s capacity size and efficiency, along with the equipment’s features, affect the price. The larger the capacity, the more it will cost, with the efficiency rating and the equipment’s features adding to that cost.
  • The amount of duct system to be installed or repairs of existing ductwork impact the cost of an HVAC installation. If there is no existing ductwork, the design and installation of all new ductwork will be a factor in the cost.
  • HVAC installation cost is affected by how many zones are included for a ductless system, with more zones needed to increase the cost.
  • Add-on components installed like an indoor air quality system, dehumidifier, or a whole-home humidifier are each additional expense added to the installation cost.

Cost of HVAC Installation Broken Down

As we just stated, a new HVAC system installation has various factors that affect the initial expense.

  • Gas furnace installation
  • Electric furnace installation
  • Oil furnace installation
  • Air-source heat pump installation
  • Geothermal heat pump installation
  • Air conditioner installation
  • Ductless HVAC installation

Air conditioning and heating are creature comforts that we have come to expect and need. While a new HVAC installation is an expensive investment, the value of comfort and energy cost savings are worth the expense.

How to Have A Successful HVAC Installation

When considering installing a new HVAC system, some factors need your attention and guidance by an experienced HVAC contractor to make this a successful home improvement, such as

» Review Comfort Requirements

The HVAC contractor will consider all factors that affect your home’s comfort: Total square footage, rooms, local climate, and more.

» Calculate the Load Needs

Calculating the load will tell the HVAC contractor the size of the system you need to meet the comfort requirements, considering the other determining factors.

» Product Recommendation

After determining the load calculation and considering all factors, the HVAC contractor will recommend a cooling and heating system. The contractor will suggest the best placement for the various components and discuss possible upgrades like air purification, humidity control, and ventilation products.

» Installation Scheduled and Contract Signed

Once the product is selected, the contractor will work with you to find the installation date and present you with a contract. The contract should have all components and services included in the manufacturer’s final cost and warranty and the contractor’s guarantee.

» Performance Check and Operation Review

With the system installed, the contractor will go over pertinent information on the system’s operation, checking to make sure it is working correctly, and review the thermostat setting with you.

HVAC Installation for Commercial Properties

When you need commercial HVAC installation, choose an HVAC contractor with experience in a commercial installation. Choose a contractor with experience in installing and servicing HVAC units for businesses, hospitals, medical facilities, schools, shopping centers, cafés and restaurants, and delis. A company with versatility is essential, but the experience should be the first concern.

How Many Years Does an HVAC System Last

The average life expectancy for an HVAC system is fifteen years. With proper care and maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer and installing contractor, an HVAC system can last thirty years.

Choose the Experience You Can Trust – HVAC Contractor Near Me

When dependability, experience, and professionalism matter, Conejo Valley Home Services is the go-to for commercial and residential HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs. Since 1979, the Conejo Valley business owners and residents have relied on us to keep them comfortable all year long at reasonable rates and with friendly service.

24-Hour Emergency HVAC Services

If You have an Emergency HVAC Repair Need, Simply Call Our 24-hour Emergency


We Make Installations Simple!

Who is better for all your heating, air conditioning, and water heater installation needs than the pros at Conejo Valley Home Services? We have the utmost knowledge and expertise at HVAC and water heater installation. Are you ready to enjoy the blissful comfort that comes with owning a new furnace, air conditioner, or water heater? Explore many system discounts, rebates and specials and schedule your own free, custom home or business comfort evaluation now. The benefits are so good that your friends will become jealous – so tell them too! In fact, the benefits of a new air conditioning system can be so extensive that they may transform the way you anticipate your utility bill each month. Here’s what you can expect from our complimentary AC, furnace, and water heater consultation:

The Installation of your Heating and Air Conditioning System

AC InstallationWhen your new air conditioning system or water heater arrives and is ready to be installed, our friendly NATE certified air conditioning installation technicians will carefully and professionally install it in your home or business. Our HVAC professionals are careful not to disturb sensitive areas. They’ll lay down carpet protection and wear shoe protection to keep your home, business, and yard clean. After the installation is complete, they’ll leave the area cleaner than when they arrived. Respecting your home or business is a promise we take very seriously.


Every new system we sell includes a maintenance agreement to ensure it continues to operate as intended well into the future. That means you can trust Conejo Valley Home Services to keep you comfortable for years to come!


We’ll recommend the right solutions for your lifestyle, business needs, and desires, based on hundreds of available products. Our home and business comfort analysis will also take into account the physical requirements of your home.

Since every home, business, and owner is different, it takes a custom comfort analysis to determine the best system for you. There are many standards, upgrades, and custom options available to choose from. The analysis will provide custom-made solutions that are best for you.

When considering the new system, think carefully about energy efficiency, air quality, and moisture control components, particularly if anyone has the following conditions:

  • Allergies
  • Respiratory health issues
  • Dry scalp and skin

Today’s innovative air cleaning products can exceed hospital air filtration standards. Zoning control is also available and allows you to heat and cool the exact rooms you want, to the exact temperature you want.

Today’s high-efficiency equipment may nearly pay for itself in utility savings, so efficiency level is an important consideration. Consider the environmental benefits of energy savings from simply installing high-efficiency comfort equipment.

Our FREE comfort analysis will help you understand and evaluate all these important considerations, helping you make your home or business more comfortable and efficient.


Most people do not budget for a breakdown or replacement of their heating or air conditioning system. To offset the investment, we suggest using our convenient financing program as a simple, automatic, affordable way to pay for your new system or repair service. We offer great financing options, including seasonal rebates, specials and incentives. Your energy savings over time might also help offset the investment.

Schedule a FREE comfort analysis and estimate today!

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