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Air Duct Cleaning2022-07-14T11:37:28+00:00

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Did you know the National Air Duct Cleaners Association highly suggests that air ducts be serviced every 4 to 7 years? Central to your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, air ducts, and vents are pathways in which air travels through your home or building. This circulation of air keeps your interior spaces well-ventilated and can even prevent molding and other structural damage in some cases. Over time, air ducts collect dust, debris, and contaminants that ought to be removed to ensure healthy indoor air quality. Because ductwork is typically installed in hard-to-reach areas such as behind walls or above roofs and ceilings, it is easy to forget about routine duct maintenance. Rest assured, our technicians at Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning are specially trained experts in Air Duct Cleaning throughout Conejo Valley and surrounding communities.

Air duct cleaning involves removing particulate matter such as mold, dust, and bacteria from your ventilation system. Day-to-day living produces 40 pounds of dust a year, which accumulates on the walls of your air vents. This reduces your HVAC system’s efficiency and affects overall air quality. Prevent indoor air pollution, lower your monthly utility bills, and get rid of allergy triggers by contacting Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Contact us today or Call now at (805) 499-0448 for first-rate air duct cleaning service.

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5 Signs your Air Ducts need cleaning

Unless your Conejo Valley and surroundings home or building are more susceptible to dust or mold, air ducts typically only need to be serviced every 3 to 5 years. Renovations or major cleaning can also spur the need for more frequent air duct maintenance. Look out for these 5 following signs to know when your air ducts demand professional cleaning.

1. Old or unchanged air filters:

Air filters are responsible for catching dust, mold spores, pet dander, debris, pollen, and other airborne molecules that can trigger allergies or even cause viruses. When an air filter is full, however, the pollutants start to accumulate within your HVAC system’s air ducts, affecting air flow and quality.

2. More visible dust than normal:

If you find yourself dusting or changing air filters more often, then there is most likely a build-up of dust around and inside your air vents. Air duct cleaning will eliminate the excess dust and keep your HVAC system running at optimal performance.

3. Mold growth:

Upon discovering mold on the walls or around your air vents, you will need to schedule an air duct cleaning professional to sanitize your air ducts and restore indoor air quality. Doing so will hinder overall allergy symptoms and serious respiratory problems.

4. Noisy air vents:

When your ventilation system starts to make additional noise(s), this could hint at an increase of debris and particulate matter inside your air ducts. Reduce these blockages in airflow and your overall utility bills by having your air ducts inspected and serviced by a trained technician!

5. Pest problems:

Have you experienced a recent issue involving rodents, insects, or other vermin? You’ll need your air ducts cleaned to clear out any potential remaining pathogens from the pests’ dander and/or droppings that are re-circulating throughout your HVAC system.

With 40+ years of experience, Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning are seasoned professionals at air duct cleaning to provide you with higher indoor air quality and a better running HVAC system. Learn more facts about Air Duct Cleaning and FAQs.

Conejo Valley Home Services?
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  • We Offer Only the Most Dependable Customer Satisfaction With Each Job Completed

Our Air Duct Cleaning process

At Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to comply with NADCA standards when servicing your home or building’s air ducts and vents. Our team of professional technicians utilizes high-quality, truck-mounted suction equipment to rid your HVAC system of accumulated debris, dust, mold, and other pollutants–restoring optimal indoor air quality to your space. Here’s how we do it:

  • After arriving on time, our Conejo valley HVAC technicians thoroughly walk you through all of the details of the process — reviewing services and pricing and answering any questions before getting started.
  • Then, your scheduled technician will make sure all air ducts and vents are ready-to-access. Floor covers, mats, and corner guards will be strategically placed for the utmost in safety while air duct cleaning.
  • Before the official cleaning process begins, your Conejo Valley technician will seal your vents and set A/C ducts at a negative pressure to boost overall airflow.
  • Next, a robust vacuuming device is attached to the main trunk line. Its function is to collect all of the mold, dust, debris, and other pollutants that will be displaced during the air duct cleaning.
  • To remove the particulate matter from your air ducts, highly pressurized and compressed air whips be positioned within the ducts with all of the debris collected into a containment unit.
  • Last but not least, our savvy technicians will seal the access portal to your main trunk line with a metal panel, so your HVAC system is up to par with NADCA standards.
  • Afterward, our Conejo Valley professionals review the air duct cleaning process and answer any remaining questions for complete service satisfaction!

Air Duct Cleaning — Improves indoor air quality — Increases HVAC system efficiency

With Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning on the job, your air ducts will be left in pristine condition and your entire HVAC system will run at optimal performance. Our professional technicians possess the equipment, training, and experience to rid your air ducts of any and all accumulated particulate matter that can cause allergies, respiratory problems, and airflow blockages throughout your building or home. Choose health, efficiency, and better indoor air quality with our Conejo Valley Home Services duct cleaning services! We have a zero tolerance policy for dust.

Why schedule Air Duct Cleaning services near me via Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning

When you call Conejo Valley Home Services., you can expect personal attention and friendly customer service from a family-owned business, as well as a solid foundation of expertise from over 40 years in the HVAC industry. Here are some of the reasons why you can entrust us with all of your Conejo Valley Home Services duct cleaning needs:

  • All of our HVAC technicians are trained and certified air duct cleaners by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).
  • Our team performs a thorough, detailed inspection of your interior’s air duct system to diagnose the overall condition accurately.
  • Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning only uses the best in technology and equipment for in-depth and complete cleaning of all air ducts and vents within your home or building.
  • To ensure the highest indoor air quality, our team utilizes three-stage High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration.
  • We prioritize efficiency along with accuracy by completing air duct cleaning projects within 4-7 hours!
  • Our team of technicians provides up-front, competitive pricing and free in-home estimates for your convenience.
  • To give you the best service when you need it the most, our certified HVAC technicians are available around the clock for 24/7 emergency air duct cleaning.
  • Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to quality service! We’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau and provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

For high-quality air duct cleaning and other HVAC services, contact our Conejo Valley specialists at (805) 499-0448 to get a free quote or schedule an on-site technician!

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