Common Heat Pump Problems and Solutions

At some point, every appliance will have a problem. The problem can range from not working right or not working at all. One of those appliances includes your heat pump. It may appear that it isn’t heating up or not turning on at all for no reason. Then again, your heat pump always runs or won’t cool down. With some knowledge, when your heat pump has problems, you may be able to repair it yourself or know how to explain the problem to a contractor.

Even better, you can be proactive and minimize possible problems. On that note, we have created a list of four common problems that homeowners experience. If you have issues that you can’t address yourself, contact a professional HVAC contractor with heat pump operations experience.

Doesn’t Turn On

When a heat pump doesn’t turn, it is often one of the following problems:

» The Thermostat:

Check the settings, making sure the schedule is where you desire the heating to turn on at the right time. If the scheduling and settings are correct, call a professional for calibration.

» No Power:

Check that the breaker is in the “on” position. If this is a common occurrence, it may indicate electrical failure that needs a professional’s attention to service the heat pump.

» Starter Capacitor Broken:

If your heat pump makes a clicking noise as it turns on, this will require professional service to replace the part.

» Reversing Valve Broken:

The reversing Valve is the piece that reverses the refrigerant direction in the heat pump from the air conditioner. If the heat pump doesn’t make the switch from cool air to heat, it is often the reversing Valve and will need a professional to replace the component.

Not Heating

When a heat pump doesn’t blow hot air, it could be one of the following three causes:

» Blocked Unit:

A heat pump pulls heat from the outside, and if the unit has any blockage like debris, ice, leaves, or snow, the heat pump isn’t able to pull in the air.

» Dirty Air Filter:

A heat pump has air filters to catch debris and dirt. When the filter becomes clogged and dirty, it blocks the compressor’s airflow, making it difficult for the unit to heat the air.

» Low Charged Refrigerant:

A heat pump will struggle to heat when the refrigerant level is too low. Many times, this is an issue that is caused by a leak, which will require professional service.

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Not Cooling

When a heat pump doesn’t cool, the same problems listed above could be the issue, in addition to the following.

» Thermostat problems:

Check the thermostat settings that the cooling schedule is set to turn on at the right time. If the settings are correct, there could be an issue with the thermostat causing it to misread the temperature, like an electrical misfiring. These are issues that will need the attention of a professional.

» Reversing Valve Broken:

If the heat pump is running, but the air is hot coming out of the vents, as with the heater option, the problem could be with the reversing Valve, the component that reverses the refrigerant from cold to hot and back again. The component will need replacing by a professional service.

» Dirty Components:

Lukewarm air coming out of the vents is frequently an indication that the components are dirty and dusty. Check the outside unit and clear off any debris like leaves or trash. Then change or clean the air filter.

» Low Refrigerant Charge:

A low refrigerant level can make your heat pump struggle and unable to cool at it should be doing. A professional will need to check your heat pump, fix any leaks and add refrigeration.

Heat Pump Services

Constant Running

A heat pump that is continuously running could be for any of the following reasons:

» Unusual Weather:

Unlike a furnace, a heat pump works slowly. When the temperatures are frigid, a heat pump will run almost continuously to keep up and expected.

» Problems With The Thermostat:

Make sure the settings are correct, and if they are, the thermostat calibration could be off, or there could be an issue with the wiring sending incorrect signals to the thermostat. Either of these possible issues will need professional service.

» Compressor Contractor Broken:

The amount of power sent to the heat pump is controlled by the compressor contactor. When it is broken or damaged, the heat pump will run continuously. The fix for this is a replacement and will need professional service.

These heat pump problems must be handled by a professional. To avoid heat pump problems, you can do schedule a regular maintenance session. At Conejo Valley Home Services, we know all the heat pump problems and how to avoid them through our best Heating repair services. If you want to schedule a maintenance session for your HVAC system, give us a call at (805) 499-0448 or message us online to schedule an HVAC maintenance session.

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