5 Common HVAC Service Myths Debunked

A lot of opinions revolve around HVAC services and systems. Considering that HVAC systems account for 50% of energy bills in most homes, distinguishing between HVAC truths and falsehoods is critical. That in mind, let us highlight common HVAC service myths. And bust them too!

HVAC Service Myths and Facts

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Myth 1: The Bigger the HVAC System, the Better

Fact: A huge HVAC system does not translate to better comfort and cost-savings. It is easy to assume that an extensive system will cool and heat your home better, but it will likely experience short cyclings that result in high humidity conditions. Other problems likely to develop as a result include poor air distribution and leaking ductwork. Have a professional from a reputed HVAC service company measure your house, analyze your current system, and recommend the appropriately sized system for your home.

Myth 2: HVAC Maintenance Unnecessary, Unless There is an Issue with Your System

Fact: Same way you subject your car to regular inspections to minimize the possibilities of breakdowns, so should you have your HVAC system checked frequently. Regular maintenance ensures your system operates in optimal condition and prevents the development of intensive and costly issues. To avoid breaking your pockets and facing chronic headaches in the future, have a qualified HVAC service technician regularly inspect your cooling and heating system and address any identified anomaly before it is too late.

Myth 3: You Only Need to Replace Your Filter Once Annually

Fact: Wrong. The longer your filter stays in place, the more allergens and dirt it traps. Eventually, it gets clogged and less efficient. It is recommended that you replace less expensive fiberglass filters monthly. Premium, pleated filters can last for half a year, assuming average use, and without considering the filter type and size. As a general rule, replace pleated filters every three months. If there are more allergens in your house, especially pet fur, you will want to replace your filters more often than the recommended timelines.

Myth 4: You Need to Crank Up Your Thermostat to Optimize Cooling and Heating

Fact: If your HVAC system fails to reach the temperature you desire, it is wrong to assume that turning up the thermostat will address the situation. Damaged AC system, air leaks, and poor installation can limit your system from delivering the temperature you want, even if you crank up the thermostat. The best course of action is to schedule regular maintenance with an HVAC service contractor and have them check for and solve anomalies in your system.

Myth 5: It is Easy to Find Leaks Around Your Home

Fact: Finding air leaks around your windows and doors may be easy, but there could be hard-to-reach areas with severe problems. These places include the ductwork, pipes, chimneys, and spots around the ceiling and floor. A competent HVAC repair contractor can help identify and address HVAC leaks and energy inefficiencies in your home. Following a comprehensive home audit, you may realize that you had no idea where the most significant HVAC leaks were.

HVAC Service

HVAC Service FAQs

What is HVAC Service?

An HVAC system controls heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in your home. HVAC service is when you hire an HVAC company to:

  • Identify the appropriate system for your home.
  • Install an HVAC system in your home
  • Maintain your system
  • Diagnose and address any problem with your HVAC system

How Much Money Can I Save with Regular HVAC Service?

Routine HVAC service can help you avoid extensive, costly problems. Regular maintenance keeps your system in optimal condition, keeping away large energy bills and hefty HVAC replacement costs.

How Do I Choose an HVAC Service Firm?

With so many companies offering HVAC services, it takes time and information to choose the best company for your HVAC needs. Keep the following tips in mind when selecting an HVAC service company:

» Request for referrals:

Ask friends and relatives to recommend HVAC service firms they have hired in the past. Alternatively, look for options online, paying particular attention to customer reviews.

» Ask to see the contractor’s credentials:

Ensure the HVAC expert you intend to hire is qualified, licensed, and permitted to operate in your area. You also want to check whether they are insured and bonded.

» Compare several options:

Compare quotes from different companies to choose one that best fits your budget. But do not compromise on quality while chasing after service affordability.

» Get the project in writing:

The HVAC service company should give you a written contract outlining everything about the project, including materials and their cost, timelines, and total budget. Read and understand the agreement before signing.

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