10 Heating Mistakes That Will Cost You While people can upgrade their homes’ energy efficiency in many ways, there is a lot they can do to hurt it. They unknowingly waste a lot of energy by leaving energy appliances or using them at the wrong temperature and not charging air filters. Here is a list of ten common heating mistakes that might cost you hundreds of dollars.

» 1. Leaving Windows Unlocked

Of course, everyone closes their windows during the colder months. But many of them forget to lock them. It might sound like something of less significance but can make a difference in your energy bill. Remember that when you don’t lock your windows tightly, the air can easily infiltrate inside your home. Also, unlocked windows let heated air coming from your furnace leaked out. Make sure you lock your window in winters.

» 2. Heating a Vacant House

When you’re not home, there is no point in leaving your furnace on and heating a vacant house. Suppose you’re away for three days; keep your furnace in the lower heating mode. Invest in a heating system with a programmable thermostat to save money on your energy bills. It will turn down the heat when you’re not home and warm it up before you come back.

» 3. Ignoring Small Leaks

Even the narrowest leak and draft can waste enormous amounts of heat. That calls for checking all your windows, doors, and exterior walls for leaks. Make sure you seal all areas that let cold air in and heated air leak out. Don’t forget to check your attic and basement. Get all the details regarding the stress-free Heating repair and other services related to heating system types, maintenance, and more in Conejo Valley and other surrounding areas, including Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County. Call now at (805) 499-0448 to speak directly with our HVAC professionals at Conejo Valley Home Services.

» 4. Speeding your Thermostat

There is no need to crank up your Thermostat by speeding it up unnecessarily. When you turn the Thermostat higher than it needs to go, it doesn’t heat your home faster. Instead, it increases the furnace’s speed to run longer, translating into a higher energy bill.

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» 5. Neglecting Furnace Repair

Just like any other appliance in your home, your furnace needs regular heating repair or maintenance to keep functioning in working order. A well-maintained heating system runs more efficiently and keeps your utility bills down. Regular furnace repair also ensures that small issues don’t become an expensive maintenance problem.

» 6. Using Fireplace to Heat the House

You may think turning your furnace down and using a fireplace is more cost-effective and beneficial. However, it is not valid. Doing so may be more harmful than you think. The heated air from the fireplace goes out through the chimney. The same vent lets in the cold air. This will make your home colder and force your furnace to produce more heat.

» 7. Shutting Down Vents in Unoccupied Rooms

Many people think shutting down vents in unused rooms is a good idea to reduce the energy bill. Heating an empty room doesn’t make sense after all. Note that the ductwork of your furnace has a design to supply heated air throughout your home. And if you close the vents in unused rooms, it may disrupt the balance and supply of heated air.

» 8. Switching the Thermostat down too Low

While heating the house when you’re away is not wise, switching the Thermostat at the lowest temperature will also not benefit you. In fact, it will force the home’s heating system to exert more force when it is time to increase the temperature again. They may cost you more money in the energy bill.

» 9. Keeping Exhaust Fans On

You must turn off exhaust fans as soon as you finished using them in your bathroom or kitchen. The tiny fans purge moist and smelly air out from home. But they can also pump out heated air if you leave them on.

» 10. Using Dirty Air Filters

Dirty and dusty air filters require furnaces to work harder. This may lead to more energy use. That is why it is essential to change the air filters as per the regular schedule.

Heating Repair Service in Southern California

One of the best ways to ensure the efficiency, optimal performance, and reliability of your heating system is preventative maintenance. You can avoid the heating mistakes mentioned above to make the most of your heating system. If you live in Southern California, you’re in luck. You can have a stress-free heating repair service to help you professionally clean, tune, and inspect your furnace. The HVAC experts at Conejo Valley Home Services. can help you improve safety and extend your energy equipment’s lifespan. Contact us today or call now at (805) 499-0448 to learn more about heating services.
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