Off Season Maintenance For Your Cooling System

For nearly 40 years, Conejo Valley Home Services has offered 24-hour emergency repair and ongoing maintenance for HVAC systems all across Ventura County and surrounding areas. No matter the issue, when you call us, your ducts and vents are in good hands. Now that we’re officially well into autumn, it’s time to shut off the air conditioning and gear up your furnace and heating system for the cooler months of the year–even in sunny California! If you’re a local homeowner or property manager wondering how to preserve your A/C unit and cooling system through the fall and winter, keep reading for some helpful hacks. For any other inquiries or to schedule your free consultation call us at 805.499.0448.

How To Take Care Of Your A/C Unit In Fall + Winter | Tips + Tricks

Looking for ways to keep your cooling system in top-notch condition in climate controlled spaces? Here are the tips and tricks that are experienced and certified HVAC technicians for homeowners and property owners just like you!

Clean Or Replace The Air Filters

Clean air filters are essential for keeping your A/C unit running at peak performance throughout the hot summer months, but they are also necessary when your cooling system isn’t working as hard in fall and winter. Before covering or turning off your air conditioning for fall or winter, double-check to make sure your air filters are clean. This little bit of extra maintenance will ensure your A/C is ready when spring and summer roll back around since new, clean air filters will prevent any additional accumulation of dust or debris while not in use.

Keep The Area Around Your A/C Unit Clean

Whether your A/C unit is indoors or outdoors, it’s important to clear the area surrounding it to ensure your cooling system remains safe and sound through the fall and winter seasons. Even when your air conditioning isn’t running, you don’t want leaves, twigs, dirt, or other debris to invade your cooling system. This also reduces the sheer amount of clean-up that will be required when the warmer months come back.

Cover Up Your Unit

The simplest way to prepare your outdoor A/C unit for the cooler part of the year is to cover it up. This not only keeps out debris, but will also prevent ice, rain, and snow from wreaking havoc on your system. If left exposed throughout fall and winter elements and weather, your A/C unit will be less ready when you need to run it again next spring or summer. Covering it up will prevent damages and preserve the overall longevity of your cooling system.

Thoroughly Clean Your Unit

To prevent any build-up of dirt or debris during the fall and winter months, be sure to spray down, clean off, and dry your A/C unit thoroughly. This will not only preserve the appearance of your air conditioning but also protect the functionality of its inner and outer components.

Inspect Your A/C Unit

While cleaning or prepping your A/C unit for fall and winter, be on the lookout for cracks and rust in the casing, as well as leaks or other irregularities. While inspecting your air conditioning, also make sure the seals are tight and not cracked. Although these issues may seem small or normal, they can potentially cause major costly issues for your cooling system down the road. If you notice some structural wear and tear on your A/C unit, it’s time to call your local HVAC professionals for repair or replacement services. Inspect Your A/C Unit

Check Your Thermostat

Another preventative maintenance measure for your A/C in the cooler months is checking your thermostat, which we recommend should be calibrated at least once a year, preferably between summer and fall. Before covering and switching off your cooling system, you want to make sure that it isn’t leaking or overworking, which leads to energy waste and higher utility bills.

Add Extra Insulation To Your Cooling System

For colder climates, you’ll want to prevent your air conditioning’s wires and pipes from freezing and cracking overnight. To add extra insulation, simply use foam pipe covers around the A/C unit’s exposed pipes and wiring–especially the ones that go directly into your home. Then, use duct tape to keep the foam insulation in place.

Turn Off The Power To Your Cooling System

Turning off the power to your A/C keeps it from automatically turning on when a random warm day hits and keeps out unnecessary water that can freeze and damage the condensing unit. You’ll want to turn off the power before cleaning and clearing the area around your cooling unit as well as covering it in order to prevent potential electrocution. To turn off your A/C unit, find the exterior power circuit, which is in a small box mounted to the side of your home. Then, lift the metal or plastic cover to find the switch, which might be red depending on the make and model. Flip the switch “Off” and close the lid.

Call Your Local HVAC Professional

At Conejo Valley Home Services we suggest that a qualified HVAC professional perform official A/C maintenance for your cooling system at least twice a year. This type of servicing is meant to detect any potential issues that can negatively affect your A/C unit during seasons and months with more extreme temperatures. As part of fall and winter maintenance for your cooling system, our certified HVAC technicians will inspect your filters, electrical switches, belts, contacts, motors, safety switches, gas pressure, and refrigerant levels for overall safety and efficiency and to prevent any extra costly damages in the future.
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Seasonal A/C Maintenance FAQ

Before contacting your local HVAC professionals for a check-up, you might have some questions about seasonal and year-round maintenance when it comes to your A/C unit. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients and callers in the Conejo Valley!

How often should my air conditioning be serviced?

Even if you do not notice any immediate issues or damages to your cooling system, HVAC experts recommend that your A/C unit is serviced and inspected at least once every year–if not twice. This will ensure that your cooling system functions at peak performance all year round.

Should I cover my outdoor A/C unit in the winter?

Although most A/C units are durable and built to withstand rain, snow, and other outdoor elements, it’s important to keep out leaves, seeds, or nuts during the autumn to prevent any unnecessary damage to your cooling system. Do you have any additional questions about how to get your A/C unit ready for hibernation during the fall and winter? Feel free to call our friendly, knowledgeable staff with any inquiries or to schedule your yearly maintenance! Contact us directly at 805.499.0448.