How to Tell When Your Furnace Filter Needs Changing?

Your furnace has a filter, and it requires changing periodically. You may not have a clear understanding of how often you need to change this filter. This guide will help you so you know more about your furnace filter and when you should change it to ensure that the furnace is working properly and that your family is safe from allergens and contaminants.

Furnace Filter

If you have a filter that is 1-2 inches, change this filter every three months. If you have a four-inch filter, change it around every six months or so. Five-inch filters should be changed at least once per year. This will ensure that the furnace is working optimally and that the air is clean. A dirty furnace filter is inefficient and you may end up wasting money on your utility bills, and also need to opt for emergency furnace repair that would be less with a clean and efficient filter.

Factors that Affect to Change the Furnace Filter?

If you’re not changing the filter, then your furnace won’t work optimally. It may even wear out at a faster rate as it must work harder without a functioning filter. You’ll simply recycle contaminants back into the home, and the air will never be clean. This can impact your quality of life and health. It makes sense to change this filter as often as necessary to ensure that the home is contaminant free. You could be left with expensive repair bills if you don’t change the filter as the furnace could break down eventually.

Do You Use Heater Fan Frequently?

If you’re using your heater fan every day, then you’ll probably need a monthly change. Most people don’t do this, but if this is you, you’ll need changes often. If you often open windows and doors in the home, you’ll also need frequent changes as more contaminants will make their way into the home.

Does Someone in Your Home Have Asthma and/or Allergies?

If you have someone in the home that has any sort of allergy, you may want to change the filter often. You want to do this so that the air in the home is as fresh as possible. This will cut down the discomfort for that allergic member of your home. The filter cuts down on dust, dander, debris, and other allergens that people are sensitive to. You may also need to change it if you have some sort of medical condition that impacts your breathing. Talk to your physician about these issues to determine if the filter should be changed more often than normal.

Do You Have Pets?

Those that have pets will want to ensure that they have a clear filter. Pet dander and hair can get into the air and clog the filter over time. Animals will also track dirt from outside, which will clog your filter.

Replace Furnace Filter

Do You Have Young Children?

If you have young children or a baby, they are as susceptible to airborne contaminants as you are. Change the filters often if you have children in the home.

Do You Smoke?

If you smoke or have a family member that smokes, the filter needs to be changed more often than normal. With one smoker change a 1-2 inch filter once every two months, 4-inch filter every four months, and the 5-inch filter every six months. If there’s more than one smoker, then they need to be changed more often.

Is Your Home Dusty?

If you have a lot of dust in your home, then this reduces the lifespan of your air filter. Change the smaller filter once every month and the larger ones once every two months.
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When to Change the Filter?

  • The filter has visible dirt. As this builds up the furnace loses a lot of its efficiency. You should change the filter if you notice a lot of dirt on it.
  • Your heating or cooling system seems to be coming on more often than it normally does. This could be a sign that the furnace filter is getting old and needs to be changed.
  • You notice that there is more dust than normal in your home. If this happens, check the filter and replace it if there’s a lot of dirt on it.
  • If you notice odd smells in the home or you smell something “burnt.” This indicates that the filter has lost efficiency and that it should be replaced. The furnace must work hard when there’s a poor filter

Replace the Air Filter and Increase the Furnace Lifespan

  • The size of your home can be a factor in how long the air filter lasts.
  • If you live in a polluted city with poor quality air, you’ll need more frequent air filter replacements. You don’t want the filter to work too hard, so replace it often if your city air is already poor.
By following this guide, you will have a furnace that is working optimally, and you’ll save money in the process. Ensure that your furnace filter is changed on a regular basis as it’s a simple way to keep your furnace in good condition and the air in your home clean.