Your home is a significant investment for you, and all the components within it are a part of that investment, like the air conditioning. As a homeowner, one of the best things you can do is make sure that consistent and proper air conditioner maintenance and upkeep will ensure these components are working order when you need them.

Hiring a professional AC maintenance technician every month isn’t necessary. With some basic knowledge of your air conditioning systems, you can do your own air conditioning preventive maintenance. There are some steps that you can perform with some basic technical knowledge that will save you time and money in the long run.

7 Critical Basic Air Conditioner Maintenance Things

The following are seven critical basic Air Conditioner maintenance things you can do to make sure your air conditioning system is healthy and ready to go when you turn it on:

Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

» Filters

Dirty air conditioning filters will clog up over time if they aren’t changed or cleaned regularly. Performing this step is essential to air conditioning preventive maintenance that should be done once a month, especially for a home with inside pets. Clogged air filters keep the normal flow of air from passing through, which significantly reduces the capacity of the AC system and makes it work harder. With a regular monthly routine of cleaning air filters, your air conditioning will cool properly without straining the system or your budget.

» Evaporator Coils

With a routine of air conditioner maintenance of cleaning or changing the air filter, it keeps most of the dirt and dust that can accumulate overtime off of the evaporating coils. However, some of that dirt and dust will get through. This cleaning process reduces the ability of the coils to absorb heat, which affects the cooling process. Evaporator coils should be thoroughly cleaned annually to ensure your AC system is working at full capacity.

» Keep the Condenser Coil Clean

Another part of air conditioning preventive maintenance that is crucial in keeping your AC working is the condenser coil. The condenser coil is the part installed outside your home. The outdoor environment can be hard on this part of the system with dust, leaves, rain, wind, and whatever Mother Nature subjects us to. This exterior part of your air conditioning system can’t do its job of dissipating the hot air and heat to the outdoors if it covered in dirt and dust. When left uncleaned, the compressor and condenser overheat and lessen the efficiency of the overall air conditioning system.

» Clean and Protect the Coil Fins

The coil fins are what you see on the condensers and evaporator coils. Routine ac maintenance should include cleaning the debris and dust that accumulate on these so that they can perform correctly. Keeping these protected from bushes, trees, and other things that can damage them is crucial.

» Keep the Rear Drain Clear

The monthly air conditioning preventive maintenance should include making sure the rear drain is clear of anything that could keep it from draining the condensation properly. A clogged rear drain will fill the house with humidity and make the AC unit work harder than needed.

» Prepare the Compressor for Hibernation

When summer is over, and the AC is no longer needed, air conditioner maintenance is still required. You need to cover the outdoor portion of the unit, the compressor, so that dirt, dust, and other foreign objects away and out of it.

» Keep an Annual Professional AC Maintenance Regiment

To make sure your air conditioning will be ready to go each summer, have a professional air conditioner maintenance service performed just before the start of the summer season. They will perform a complete cleanup inside and out, including the areas we’ve discussed here, like the coils, compressor, drain, filters, fins, and areas that you aren’t able to clean. They will also perform any service needed, like recharging the freon and checking the oil.

In Closing

A well-maintained AC system should last 20 years, some even longer. By following the steps that we covered in this article, you can keep your air conditioning healthy and working for years to come. A monthly routine by you, an annual professional visit, and being observant of possible issues and addressing them before they become a problem are all a part of responsible homeownership. Keep your air conditioning healthy and Safe with Conejo Valley Home Services. We are an experienced and skilled HVAC contractor offering excellent services. Get in touch with our customer support expert if you need more information. We provide services in different areas of California including all of Conejo Valley areas and nearby regions including Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County. Contact us online or call us now at (805) 499-0448 to avail our professional HVAC services in your local area.
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