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Air Duct Cleaning FAQs

Air ducts play a crucial role in any mundane household activities, and it should be cleaned regularly for sustaining its function and performance. Air ducts are responsible for the circulation of air from the cooling and heating systems installed to your house, and it becomes susceptible to dust, grime, and blockage, which should be avoided at all costs by providing Air Duct Cleaning regularly.

HVAC manufacturers have reported that the air in your house mingles through the air ducts several times a day. As the air going through the ducts is no different than the air that you and your family breathe, which is why it is important for you to reach out to an expert for the air duct cleaning professionally. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that anyone would have regarding air duct cleaning and why cleaning air ducts are important, let’s have a look at the Air Duct Cleaning FAQs.

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FAQs, How to and all facts about Air Duct Cleaning

1. What are Air Ducts?

If you are wondering what air ducts or, where they are installed — air ducts are often installed into an air conditioning, heating, and ventilation (HVAC) system, and it serves as gateways for the cooled or heated air to circulate in a particular area. On the contrary, air duct cleaning refers to the removal of the dust and other pollutants that are likely to build up in the air ductwork, and it should be cleaned and filtered on an immediate basis.

However, the air ductwork is installed in discrete areas; so it could be challenging to clean them as regularly as suggested by the manufacturers. Homeowners tend to neglect cleaning the air ducts, and it could result in reducing the performance of the HVAC systems.

2. How to clean Air Ducts?

Once you have uninstalled and opened the HVAC systems, you can use a damp microfiber cloth to remove dirt and other contaminants from the system. Try to reach down the duct as deep as possible for scrubbing the ducts properly. However, we suggest you clean the cloth in intervals to clean the air ducts and HVAC systems properly. Alternatively, you can use a homemade all-purpose cleaner or a cleaning product for air ducts to remove gunk from the systems.

3. How our experts clean Air Ducts?

If you are considering hiring professional services for cleaning the air ducts installed to your HVAC system, our team of experts follows the given procedure to remove unwanted pollutants from the air ducts.

  • Air duct inspection
    Our team of experts at Conejo Valley Home Services. will inspect your HVAC systems air ductworks to verify it for cleaning.
  • Vacuuming
    We use a heavy-duty HEPA-filtered vacuum for cleaning the furnace evaporator coil, vent covers, and blower of the air ducts. We connect the vacuum to the ductwork for eradicating dirt from the furthest section of the system.
  • Compressed air flush
    Vacuuming the ductwork would result in releasing the pollutants jammed inside of the air ducts then, our experts would use compressed air for removing any trace of dust or grime on the ductwork of the system.

4. How much does Air Duct Cleaning cost?

When hiring professional services for air duct cleaning, you should take the cost into your consideration to make sure that it is within your budget. The average air duct cleaning cost ranges between $300 and $500. However, the prices are subjected to change by house size, some ducts, and its configuration, along with other factors. If you want to have the air duct cleaned by per vent then, it should cost you about $35 for each vent.

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5. Why should I have my Air Ducts Cleaned?

You should consider investing in the cleaning and purification of air ducts for improving your indoor air quality, which is important for your family and you. There are many issues if you are having, you should consider the Conejo Valley Home Services’s Duct cleaning service:

  • If anyone in your home have allergies, asthma or other respiratory health issues.
  • If anyone smokes in the house.
  • If anyone in your family suffer from headaches or other sinus problems at night or in the morning.
  • If you notice any foul odor when the furnace or air conditioner runs.
  • If you notice dust in the house shortly after cleaning?

Having the air ducts cleaned can help with the eradication of certain problems which would occur due to the circulation of poor air quality in your house. The cleaning of the ducts will help with the removal of harmful allergens and bacteria in the system, and it would also put a halt to the circulation of the bacteria in the air.

6. How often should residential HVAC Ductwork be cleaned?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association, home inspection companies, and HVAC manufacturers recommend having the air ducts cleaned after some time off every three to five years.

7. What equipments are good for cleaning of air ducts?

There are several types of tools and equipment used for cleaning the air ducts. You would be required to have compressed air sources, vacuum collection devices, hand cleaning tools, inspection tools, access tools and hand-held HEPA vacuums and wet vacuums for the cleansing and purification of the air ducts.

8. What to see when looking for Air Duct Cleaners?

When selecting air duct cleaners, you should make sure the following:

  • The company of your liking is affiliated with NADCA, and the cleaners should comply by the Code of Ethics as enforced by the NADCA policy.
  • The cleaning experts will be going to visually inspect all of the air ducts and related system components.
  • The team has the appropriate equipments to effectively perform cleaning of air ducts.

9. Where can I find Air Duct Cleaners near me?

If you are looking for air duct cleaners near you, type “air duct cleaners near me” in a search engine, and you will see the top choice the most reliable air duct cleaners near your location is Conejo Valley Home Services.

10. Does Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offer Air Duct Cleaning throughout Southern California?

Yes, Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. offers air duct cleaning throughout the Southern California region. Contact us today or Call now at (805) 499-0448 to schedule Air Duct Cleaning service

11. What benefits do we provide with our Residential Air Duct Cleaning experience?

We provide the following benefits with our residential air duct cleaning experience:

  • Improved energy efficiency: When the air ducts get cleaned, it results in improving the overall energy efficiency of the system.
  • Odor Removal: With our residential air duct cleaning experience, we will work on removing any traces of odor from the air ductwork network.
  • Elimination of Debris: We strive to clean the air ducts properly to reduce excessive debris and dirt stuck in your air duct system. It would help with circulating fresh and pure air into the atmosphere.
  • Removal of allergens: We work on cleaning the air duct systems thoroughly and properly to ensure the complete removal of allergens.

12. How to determine the Air Duct Cleaning services received was effective?

To know the efficiency of the air duct cleaning services, you should request your service provider to conduct a visual inspection of the system before and after cleaning the system. If the system is not cleaned properly then, it will show up in the inspection reports. However, if you do not notice any trace of dirt, debris, or contaminants in the air ductwork system then, it should confirm that the air duct cleaning services provided to you were indeed effective.

13. How long will it take for Air Duct Cleaning process?

Generally, it would take three to four hours for the completion of the air duct cleaning process. The duration of the entire cleaning process depends on the number of systems, level of contamination, size of the house, and some inspectors and cleaners doing the job. You should request for two contractors to clean the air ducts for ensuring its completion on time.

14. Will Air Duct Cleaning have any effect on utility bills?

It has been reported by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that the cleaning of the HVAC systems results in improving the efficiency of the HVAC system, and it also eliminates the possibility of lowering the performance of the machines and system. In all and all, a clean and efficient air ductwork system will lower the utility bills in the long run.

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