Summertime often brings many wonderful memories, and everyone gets to enjoy the outdoors. However, keep in mind that extreme heat is not one of those pleasant memories. There is no doubt that staying cool can be challenging when summertime temperatures are scorching and may feel nearly impossible if an air conditioning unit isn’t available. Did you know that extreme heat is likely to pose some very serious health concerns? These include heat stroke and heat exhaustion. This is why keeping your home and yourself cool becomes essential. While it is tempting to crank up the AC in warmer months, this is not the only trick to keeping your home cool in the sweltering summer heat. There are many ways to buffer your house from the heat without racking up the electric bill.

Tips to Cool Down Your Home and Stay Comfy

» Close Your Blinds or Drapes

You probably know that sunlight in your home is one of the significant sources of heat. So, you should close up your drapes. Also, according to, over three-quarters of the natural light that hits a normal window enters your home as heat. This is why covering your windows can help you reduce this heat and keep your home nice and comfortable. This is one of the best and simplest ways to cool your home down during extreme heat. Keeping the house cool in hot weather also involves purchasing blackout shades and using window tint film on your windows. You will be happy to know that a set of high-quality medium-colored drapes with a plastic backing helps reduce the incoming heat by up to 33%.

» Incorporate Cool Colors

The dry summer weather makes it an excellent time to paint your walls. You can give your home a nice seasonal upgrade that will look refreshing year-round—light colors like aqua, pastel yellow, millennial pink, white, and beige work well. Painting your home also allows you to evaluate and inspect your walls and prepare them for the rainy season.

» Prepare Your Meal Earlier in the Day

It goes without saying that anything that produces heat will increase the temperature of your home. You will find a hairdryer and similar items less valuable during the summer. And one place where you should rethink your daily activities is the kitchen. While a nutritious and tasty salad is more likely to hit the spot on a scorching day, if you still need to use your oven, you can prep your food earlier in the day.

» Choose a White Roof

On a hot and sweltering day, conventional black roof materials tend to become more than 100 degrees hotter compared to the air around them. Because a white roof reflects heat rather than absorbing it, it can be a terrific way to keep your house cool in the summer by preventing the warmth and heat from leaking into the interior of your house. It is the most efficient way to cool a house. You can also choose UV reflective paint for the roof. This is because it can help keep the temperature down.

» Use a Programmable Thermostat

Keep in mind that a programmable thermostat is a great investment as it lets you preset suitable temperatures for different times of the day. This means that you will need air-conditioning only when you are at home. A programmable thermostat can keep your house cool while saving you tons of money on energy expenses. Your thermostat can be set to lower the temperature a few degrees before you go home if you plan to spend the entire day away from home. This will ensure the house is comfortable and cool when you get home without wasting electricity all day.

» Add Shade Outside Your Home

Did you know that awnings and a few shade trees can block the sun rays from entering your windows? This can keep your rooms and indoor space feeling cooler. And window awnings can lower the amount of solar heat in your home by up to 65%.

» Use a Fan

A ceiling fan, which costs less per hour to operate than an AC, will make your room feel four to six degrees cooler. Also, fans work well with an air conditioner since the dehumidifying action of the AC provides drier air that the fans can move around. Using a fan also means that you will have to rely less on your HVAC system, which can reduce your AC maintenance costs. However, it is vital to consider where the fans should be installed to get the best result, and choosing the right size fan for your indoor space or room is also crucial for effective cooling.

» Use a Portable AC

Note that a portable air conditioner is a great option for cooling your home’s high-traffic areas and spaces. You’ll get cool air wherever you need it most because these AC units are portable, and you can move them from one room to another. Another option is a seasonal window unit, which may be installed in a large room to maximize cooling efficiency. This will also reduce the burden on your central HVAC system and help you save on HVAC maintenance costs.

» Say Goodbye to Running Electronics

You probably know that ideal sleep requires cooler temperatures. Remember that those ever-running computers and laptops, the television you left on, and all the gadgets and smartphones you used just before bed — these electronics generate a lot of heat. If you do not need it overnight, it is best to unplug it.

» Insulate the Attic Walls

Insulating your attic from top to bottom is another strategy to keep your house cool and comfy in the summer. If you insulate it, less heat will enter your attic and won’t be able to escape into the rooms below.

» Use Breathable Sheets

It would help if you also considered swapping your sheets. This is because seasonally switching your bedding freshens up a room and is also a great way to keep it nice and cool. It’s essential to have breathable bedding for a cool night’s rest. Choose natural and soft bedding materials, such as cotton and bamboo, for light and airy covers instead of lightweight fabrics like satin or silk, which tend to trap heat.

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