Home Humidifier

A home with dry air can affect everyone in the home, and that isn’t something anybody should have to endure, nor do they need to with a house humidifier. A whole-house humidifier adds moisture to a room or the entire home. No more dry nasal passages, dry skin, or static shocks!

Humidifier Guide - Benefits, Types Cost

The Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

The entire family will enjoy many benefits from the moisture a house humidifier will provide:

  • » The relative humidity level is balanced all year long.
  • » Less energy used to keep the house warm at a lower thermostat setting.
  • » Respiratory issues like allergies and asthma and dry skin are eased or eliminated.
  • » The static shock is eliminated with the moist air a home humidifier creates.
  • » Airborne illnesses are kept at bay with balanced humidity levels.
  • » Wood finishes, furniture, and building materials won’t dry out and crack.
  • » Moister air provides better sleeping by minimizing snoring.
  • » Nasal passages kept moist, eliminating bloody noses caused by dry air.

How Much do Humidifiers Cost?

The size and type of humidifier determine the price as does the brand and model.

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Types of Humidifier

A whole-house humidifier is the best type if you can afford one. Each of these humidifiers is unified with the HVAC system that instills the conditioned air with moisture then circulates it throughout the home. This type of humidifier requires dedicated plumbing connections, so there is constant water available. The three types of whole-house humidifiers are:

Bypass Humidifier:

This type of humidifier is installed at the furnace on bypass ducting and uses a water panel. The furnace’s fan motor pushes the conditioned air into and through the ductwork and only runs when the HVAC system is running.

Fan-powered Humidifier:

This type of humidifier uses a water panel that increases the level of humidity and operates with its own fan. This humidifier can run when the HVAC system is off and does not require a bypass duct. For a home with limited space, this humidifier is well-suited.

Steam Humidifier:

This type of humidifier heats water, creating steam that circulates through the air ducts, adding moisture to the air. This humidifier is an efficient and fast working humidifier that can work without the HVAC system.

Portable humidifiers do not require dedicated plumbing connections and work independently of the HVAC system. Portable humidifiers are available in several makes, models, and types, each having advantages and disadvantages. Get acknowledge with all types and choose the one that will best fit your personal needs. The four types of portable humidifiers are:

Four Types of Portable Humidifiers

Cool Mist Humidifier:

This humidifier creates a cool vapor and releases that cooled air, adding moisture.

Ultrasonic Humidifier:

This humidifier has a metallic diaphragm that vibrates inside the unit creating and mixing water droplets with the air.

Evaporative Humidifier:

This type of humidifier uses a fan that moves the humidity all over space.

Warm Mist Humidifier:

This humidifier type produces a heated vapor that adds humidity within an indoor space.

There is no place like home and having a healthy home or place of work is essential today. You should be comfortable at home, and you need to feel your best at work to be productive. With a whole-house humidifier, you’ll be able to relax and rest in perfect comfort, knowing that it is providing healthier air to breathe.

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