Signs It is Time to Replace the Old Furnace
An efficient and sound heating system heats your home without spending too much energy or compromising the indoor air quality. But if your system falls short of this requirement and no furnace repairs seem to fix the situation, replacing the system may be your best option. But what signs should you watch out for? Read on to discover six warning signs that you need a new furnace.

» SIGN 1: Your Furnace is Older than 15 Years

It would be best if home heating systems lasted for life, but unfortunately, just like people, they have a retirement age. The average life expectancy of a furnace ranges between 15 and 20 years, depending on usage and maintenance. And if your furnace’s age lies in this range, it is time you start budgeting for a new system. The need to replace an old furnace cannot be underscored enough. With frequent breakdowns, constant furnace repairs may eventually cost more than a modern furnace replacement. Replace your heating system the moment a repair cost starts accounting for 15% or more of the cost of a new furnace or when you see the furnace repair specialist more than your friends. But you will want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system that will save you more money and guarantee reliable home heating for years to come.

» SIGN 2: Your Utility Bills Are Increasing Steadily

If you are using your furnace consistently, but your utility bills keep growing significantly, this could be a sign your furnace is in its last legs. Furnaces lose efficiency with age, especially if you ignore maintenance. To provide the same amount of heat, the old furnace operates longer, heightening your gas and electric bills. Whereas a slight increase in utility bills is allowable for older furnaces, contact a competent HVAC contractor when you notice a sharp rise in your bill. The amount of money you invest in a furnace replacement may be much less than the long-term repair and energy expenses of an old heating system.

» SIGN 3: Your Furnace Produces Strange Noises

Conventionally, furnaces make some noise when turning on and off. But if you start hearing popping, screeching, humming, or banging sounds, your furnace could be demanding a retirement from you. Otherwise, you may need to repair or replace some furnace parts. Whereas screeching and humming may be pointers to a faulty blower motor, rattling could indicate loose sheet metal, ductwork, or screws. On the other hand, popping occurs when parts in your furnace heat and cool with temperature variations. An expert HVAC contractor can determine the cause of any strange noise coming from your furnace and subsequently establish the right course of action, be it furnace repair or replacement.

» SIGN 4: Soot Around Register

A furnace register is a ventilation duct cover with parts that can be opened and closed for airflow control. It differs from a furnace grille by having air control dampers. The presence of soot around the furnace register indicates your furnace is producing the deadly carbon monoxide gas. It also suggests that fuel is not burning as efficiently and cleanly as it should. Carbon monoxide is colorless, tasteless, and odorless and carries with it serious health implications, including respiratory issues, itchy throat, and dry eyes. It also damages furniture, walls, and indoor plants with its ability to cause excessive dryness. Should you notice these signs in your home and among your family members, it is time you consider a furnace replacement.

» SIGN 5: Uneven Heat Distribution

Are you frequently adjusting your thermostat to stay comfortable in your home? Have you noticed incredibly different temperatures in different rooms? Uneven home heating could be a sign that your furnace is inefficient and needs to be replaced. But before you convict your furnace for this anomaly, it is wise first to determine whether a broken thermostat could be the culprit.

» SIGN 6: Too Much Dust in Your Home

If you notice an excessive amount of dust in your home despite your best efforts of removing it, check your furnace. A possible solution is air filter repair or replacement. But if it’s been years since you last checked or replaced your furnace filter, there is a possibility that internal furnace components have been permanently damaged. In that case, furnace replacement is inevitable.

An Old but Functional Heating System is Costlier to Operate than Newer Systems

Even if your old furnace is working fine, chances are you are paying more than you should keep the system operational

Less Efficiency

A heating system becomes less efficient as it ages, incurring more energy expenses than a newer, energy-efficient model.

Less Effective System Control

The lack of modern control functions in older heating systems translates to less comfort and more energy expenses. You cannot afford to underestimate the benefits of switching to a newer system designed with cost-effectiveness and comfort in mind.

Expensive Fuels

Most older furnaces use fuel that is less cost-effective than alternative energy sources used by modern heating systems. Switching to a system that uses cost-effective energy sources goes a long way to lower your utility bills.

Need a New Furnace?

If you notice any of the above signs, chances are you need to replace your furnace. Contact Conejo Valley Home Services to get a free estimate on furnace replacement or learn more about our line of furnaces with AFUE ratings as high as 90%. We proudly offer top-rated HVAC services and new and replacement furnaces to San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Ventura County, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (805) 499-0448 or message us online to initiate a conversation around your furnace replacement needs.
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