Air Conditioning Hacks For Staying Cool All Summer Long

Did you know that heating and cooling are two of the biggest household expenses Americans face? With summer just around the corner, don’t let the heat take you, your family, or your wallet by surprise. At Conejo Valley Home Services, we recommend regular maintenance for cooling systems to keep them in top-notch working order all year round. To save additional energy (and money) during the summer months, be sure to give your A/C unit a little extra attention by following these HVAC hacks before the full-blown heat hits.

Air Conditioning Hacks

Beat The Heat Without Paying The Price

Let’s face it. Air conditioning is modern luxury with a price tag and can get expensive real quick. Rather than replacing your current Air Conditioning unit and installing a new one, be sure to consult your local HVAC specialists for routine maintenance. You may just need to replace or clean certain components within your unit. Use the following HVAC hacks as a guide when inspecting your cooling system before the A/C technician shows up. Having your A/C unit serviced before summer officially hits is the best way to save money on your energy bills throughout the season and all year round!

» Replace Filters:

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air conditioning filters should be replaced every month or two. Replacing your filters regularly ensures optimal performance for your A/C unit, which translates to less energy waste and lower monthly energy bills. Although you can order A/C filters for your particular model via Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers, we suggest that an HVAC professional replace the filter for you.

» Clean Out A/C Condensation Pipes:

Keep in mind that the main pipeline within your A/C unit responsible for moving condensation away from your cooling system can get clogged with dust, debris, or other particulate matter. When your condensation pipe is clogged, it can cause a back-up problem within the unit and even your house, resulting in a big mess and big repair bill.

To check for any clogs, locate the condensation pipe and make sure it’s draining properly. If you can’t find the pipe yourself, be sure to ask your HVAC technician to check and clean this pipe while servicing your unit.

» Install A Smart Or Programmable Thermostat:

Homeowners and property owners tend to see the most savings in their energy bills after installing a programmable thermostat for their cooling system. A programmable thermostat can be strategically set according to automated temperatures in order to reduce energy use from your HVAC system during the times you don’t need it running–such as when you’re at work, school, or no one’s home. These programmable thermostats are available from most retailers and are easy-to-install with just a couple of household tools. For further questions or assistance, contact your local HVAC professionals to find out how a programmable thermostat can work for your cooling system.

» Clean Coils On Outside A/C Unit:

Throughout the winter and spring, an outdoor A/C unit is prone to accumulate a large amount of dust, mud, and other debris–especially if left uncovered. Due to its constant exposure to the elements, this build-up of matter causes clogs for an outdoor A/C unit, resulting in sluggish output and energy waste. Depending on the amount of debris present, your cooling system may only require a hose down. However, for A/C units that are particularly dirty, you may need a commercial A/C cleaner, which is available at most hardware stores.

» Clean Metal Fins:

Like cleaning the coils of your outdoor A/C unit, servicing the metal fins will also ensure optimal performance and reduce energy waste. Make sure the fins within your A/C unit are free of any debris or particulate matter by running a soft brush, such as a toothbrush or small car cleaning brush, across each fin. Apply gentle pressure in order to avoid bending any of the metal fins. If you notice any bent fins upon cleaning, contact your local HVAC professional to help straighten these components out.

» Make Sure Your Concrete Slab Is Level:

After ensuring your outdoor unit and its components are clean, you’ll want to check that the concrete slab your cooling system sits on is truly level. If the slab is not completely level, this can cause major internal issues for your A/C unit, which will hinder its overall performance and output. To level the slab, pry it up with a board and add gravel underneath in small amounts until it’s perfectly level. Then remove the board when you’re finished.

» Clear Away Any Debris Around An Outdoor A/C Unit:

Do your yardwork. Keep in mind that any plants, leaves, high grass, or any other growth near an outdoor A/C unit can reduce your cooling system’s performance and even cause damage to external or internal components. Before you start to run your cooling system heavily, take special care to cut the grass, clean out any debris, and consider removing plants that block the unit. Throughout the summer, you’ll want to clear the areas surrounding the outdoor A/C unit of any overgrowth at least once a month.

Extra Tips For Extra Savings

On top of recruiting HVAC maintenance for your A/C unit and cooling system before the summer months officially hit, there are additional measures you can take to ensure that your household or building uses less energy and wastes less money on utility bills this season.

  • » When leaving a room, switch off lights, T.V.s, or anything else powered by electricity.
  • » In the summer, turn your ceiling fan counterclockwise for better airflow and more comfortable temperatures.
  • » During the day, keep your curtains and blinds closed to decrease sun exposure.
  • » Try to use appliances that generate heat (such as dryers or ovens) either in the early morning or evening when it’s cooler.
  • » Invest in window film insulation, which can save homeowners up to 30 percent on cooling costs during the hotter months of the year.
  • » Switch your bedding to a material with natural moisture-wicking fibers, such as linen or cotton.
  • » Use LED light bulbs in place of CFL, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs–which all generate small amounts of heat that surprisingly add up.
  • » Consider grilling and barbecuing outdoors more, since outdoor cooking won’t increase your indoor temperatures.
  • » When renovating or remodeling your home, add awnings over windows to block heat.
  • » Insulate your doors and windows with tighter seals to help your home naturally keep hot air out and cool air in.
  • » Improve A/C efficiency with regular, recommended maintenance.
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