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Indoor Air Quality Breathe Cleaner and Purified Air Today

Phenomenal Aire CPG technology for Residential and Commercial

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of air within and around buildings and structures. While the air in your living spaces might seem clean, that isn’t always the case.

So, how dirty is the air in your home?

Compared to the outdoors, indoor air quality can be anywhere between two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Given that American citizens spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, indoor air quality is a concern that needs immediate attention.

Phenomenal Aire CPG technology, made by Top Product Innovations, creates a plasma field within your home’s HVAC system. The plasma field then produces ions that purify your home’s air by destroying indoor air pollutants such as bacteria and mold.

That’s not all; Phenomenal Aire’s cold plasma generator technology eliminates viruses in the air and on hard surfaces in Conejo Valley and across California. Everyone is at risk from poor indoor air quality, especially people living with lung conditions and children, so improving indoor air quality with an air purifier such as Phenomenal Aire is very important.

Are you wondering where to start? Conejo Valley Home Services is a team of experts providing heating and air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services in Conejo Valley and its outskirts. Our services extend to the residents of Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County. In addition, we offer a vast range of air purification solutions that reduce indoor allergens, which could trigger respiratory problems such as Asthma and COPD or lead to adverse health effects such as lung cancer.

If you want to learn more about our air purification products or installation services, the HVAC experts at Conejo Valley Home Services are only a phone call away.
Air Purifier Installation Services

What Can You Do to Ensure Your IAQ is Safe?

You may have noticed that the air filter in your heating and air system features a MERV rating.

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value is a measuring scale that evaluates the efficiency of an air filter based on its effectiveness at trapping specific types of particles. For households, MERV values range from 1 to 16, the higher, the better.

Conejo Valley Home Services recommends air filters with at least an 8 MERV rating. These filters will get rid of the majority of pollutants from your indoor air. However, if your family members have allergies or asthma, a higher MERV rating would be better.

It is critical to replace an air filter based on its recommendations, whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Failure to this will lead to dirt and dust accumulation, making it more restrictive and less effective at filtering.

Additional measures you can implement in your home to improve indoor air quality include:

  • Properly ventilating your house.
  • Testing your house for radon.
  • Installing a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Installing air purifiers like the Phenomenal Aire

Do you want even cleaner and fresher air? Conejo Valley Home Services will upgrade your existing HVAC system with hospital-grade air purifiers and air cleaners such as the Phenomenal Aire.

3 Basic Strategies of Phenomenal Aire™ Proven to Kill All Types of Viruses

1. Phenomenal Aire Eliminates Major Indoor Air Pollutants

Another essential factor to consider is that most air cleaners don’t remove gaseous pollutants. However, not all air purification systems are created equal. Phenomenal Aire is an innovative, safe indoor air quality improvement system that does it all. It eliminates allergens, kills mold, and reduces odors and smoke.

Phenomenal Aire also eliminates more dangerous pollutants such as radon gas and asbestos from the air, keeping you healthier and safer.

2. Phenomenal Aire Improves IAQ While Reducing Energy Expenses.

Phenomenal Aire is easy to install and requires no maintenance or replacement parts. Unlike other air purifiers, there is no machine to install and plugin. It just goes in an air duct. Don’t have a forced-air system? You’ll be glad to know that Phenomenal Aire offers the same cold plasma technology for ductless, mini-split systems.

3. Cleans Air Naturally

Phenomenal Aire’s cold plasma generator system is proven to destroy airborne viruses and bacteria, which can cause illnesses such as the flu. Phenomenal Aire is even proven to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 in both residential and commercial applications. It is, in fact, the only indoor air quality product that kills bacteria on surfaces.

The beauty of the cold plasma generator system is it does all this without destroying oxygen while leaving no detectable traces of ozone. As if that isn’t safe enough, Phenomenal Aire also breaks down volatile organic compounds and odors into harmless, simple molecules such as H2O, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.

Hire our trusted air purifier repair and replacement services, also To order our accessories or book air purification installation services, reach out to us.
Air Purifier Installation Services

Phenomenal Aire™ Technology

So, how does Conejo Valley Home Services provide unbeatable indoor air quality in Conejo Valley and surrounding areas? We offer Phenomenal Aire™, an air purification system that is proven to kill viruses.

Phenomenal Aire uses cold plasma generator technology to create a plasma field in your air ducts. As oxygen passes through the plasma field, billions of positive and negative ions form. Your HVAC airstream then distributes these ions across your home’s living space.

The plasma field breaks down smoke and odors into harmless components, such as oxygen and water vapor. It also eliminates dust, pollen, dander, and other allergens from your indoor air.

Phenomenal Aire uses cold plasma generation technology to neutralize viruses in the air and hard surfaces, too!

Conejo Valley Home Services installs Phenomenal Aire technology to residential and commercial spaces in Conejo Valley, addressing several indoor air quality problems with one installation.

Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generator Installation Cost

How much does the Phenomenal Aire residential series plasma generator cost?

For the installation of Phenomenal Aire, Conejo Valley Home Services charge a one-time fee of $1,900 to the residents of Conejo Valley, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County.

This cost covers the procurement of parts and labor. Phenomenal Aire is also maintenance-free, which means no recurring expenses are required.

*The quoted price is for forced air systems.

Breathe easy and reduce your risk for illness by contacting Conejo Valley Home Services at (805) 499-0448 for an air purification system that suits your needs and fits your budget.

What is Phenomenal Aire™ CPG, and How Does it Work?

The air we breathe is full of odorless and invisible but harmful particles such as dust, mold, viruses, bacteria, pollen, and harmful pathogens. Phenomenal Aire is proven to remove air pollutants and kill airborne and surface-based viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

However, how exactly does Phenomenal Aire work?

Phenomenal Aire uses cold plasma generator technology to create ions out of molecules in your home’s air. Using Bipolar ionization (also called needlepoint bi-polar ionization), Phenomenal Aire creates a high voltage field that creates positive and negative ions using your existing HVAC system as the delivery method. The positive and negative ions neutralize bacteria, viruses, and mold by surrounding the pathogens, then robbing the pathogens of the hydrogen necessary to survive. Eliminating hydrogen from the pathogen, virus, bacteria, or mold spore renders it inactive.

It only takes one ion interacting with one harmful particle to kill viruses and pathogens. Phenomenal Aire’s needlepoint clusters generate between three billion and 16.7 billion tons every second. Therefore, it significantly increases your chances of eliminating all harmful particles in the air.

Don’t have a forced-air system? Don’t fret. Phenomenal Aire offers the same cold plasma technology for ductless, mini-split systems as well.

Phenomenal Aire purifier Technology Kills Corona Virus

Top Benefits of the Phenomenal Aire™

Phenomenal Aire comes with plenty of benefits for both residential and commercial applications.

» Residential Applications

Benefits of Phenomenal Aire in comparison to other indoor air quality solutions for residential use include:

  • Phenomenal Aire cleans the air naturally. It safely cleans the chemicals without using any chemicals.
  • No replacement parts. You don’t need to buy expensive filters once every few months.
  • Compact and compatible with all forced-air systems. Phenomenal Aire even works with ductless, mini-split systems.
  • Phenomenal Aire reduces 99.9% of COVID-19 on surfaces and aerosols.
  • The Phenomenal Aire technology gets rid of volatile organic compounds without leaving harmful by-products. It breaks down VOCs into simple particles.
  • It does not harm HVAC equipment. Phenomenal Aire creates ions out of molecules in your home’s air.
  • Removes odors and reduces allergens. Unlike HVAC systems, Phenomenal Aire gets rid of odors, smoke, and allergens.
  • Industry-leading warranty and support. Conejo Valley Home Services offers good support and a great warranty.
  • No detectable ozone
  • Easy to install. It takes less than an hour to put in place and requires no plugging in
  • Reduces or eliminates static electricity

» Commercial Application

The advantages of Phenomenal Aire in comparison to other indoor air quality solutions for commercial use include:

  • Phenomenal Aire reduces 99.9% of COVID-19 on surfaces and aerosols.
  • Can eliminate sick building syndrome. Phenomenal Aire combats poor indoor air quality, which is the leading cause of sick building syndrome,
  • Can drastically reduce energy costs. Phenomenal Aire makes your HVAC system a lot more efficient without any increase in power.
  • Cost-effective. Phenomenal Aire requires no replacement parts.
  • Increased revenue. Healthy workers are more productive and tend to miss less work.
  • Good warranty and support. Conejo Valley Home Services offers a lengthy warranty period for Phenomenal Aire.
  • No detectable ozone.
  • It does not harm HVAC equipment. The cold plasma generator is harmless to HVAC systems.
  • Phenomenal Aire produces ions in the environment. More ions in the air make it fresher and healthier, which makes your workers happier.

Phenomenal Aire™ Reduces 99.9% of COVID-19* on Surfaces and Aerosols.

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a contagious respiratory disease caused by a newly discovered strain of coronavirus, which causes illness in humans.

When infected by COVID-19, many people will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without hospitalization or special treatment.

The virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person sneezes, exhales, or coughs. These infected droplets are too heavy to hang in the air and quickly fall to the floor or other surfaces.

Phenomenal Aire deactivates viral pathogens on surfaces and air, contributing to the global fight against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Third-party ionization testing results validated the efficacy of the Phenomenal Aire CPG system in protecting homes and businesses from COVID-19. The test reveals that Phenomenal Aire deactivates 82.3% of COVID-19 at 30 minutes, 99.4% at 45 minutes, and 99.9% at 60 minutes.

Phenomenal Aire does more than just neutralizing viruses; it addresses other air quality problems such as allergens (dust, dander, pollen), odor, mold, bacteria, smoke, fungi, and even static electricity.

Getting started is simple.

Do you want the cleanest, safest air for your family or business? Phenomenal Aire’s Cold Plasma Generator (CPG) technology can help you provide healthy, safe air for your family. Air that contains high concentrations of IONs has many benefits. For example, it can make you feel energized and positively affect your mood, which will make your employees even more productive.

Phenomenal Aire Reduces 99.9% of COVID-19 on Surfaces and Aerosols

Conejo Valley Home Services is Here to Help.

Our certified professionals will install Phenomenal Aire in your new or existing ductwork as soon as possible. Request service or appointment today!

Reach out to Conejo Valley Home Services at (805) 499-0448 for the best value in Conejo Valley, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, and Ventura County.

We are the best HVAC contractor in the Conejo Valley region for a reason:

  • We offer 24-hour emergency services.
  • We charge by the job – not by the hour.
  • We offer only the most dependable customer satisfaction with each job completed.
Conejo Valley Home Services?
  • We Offer 24-hour Emergency Services
  • We Charge by the Job – Not by the Hour
  • We Offer Only the Most Dependable Customer Satisfaction With Each Job Completed
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