Top 8 HVAC Tips to Help Lower Your Monthly Utility Costs

Heating and cooling account for approximately 40% of an average American home’s energy consumption. Since your HVAC system is the most power-hungry appliance in your home, it’ll benefit your wallet and the planet if you make an effort to keep it energy efficient.

Here are eight ways you can reduce HVAC energy consumption and lower your energy bill:

Eight Ways You Can Reduce HVAC Energy Consumption and Lower Your Energy Bill

1. Seal Those Air Leaks

Have you been diligent about scheduling air conditioning repairs and tune-ups, but your cooling system still isn’t as effective as you’d want? When air leaks out of your system, it causes your air conditioner to work harder to keep your home comfortable.

Think of your home as a cooler used to chill drinks. Cracking the lid lets hot air inside, raising the temperature, melting the ice faster, and leaving you with warm drinks. When air leaks occur in your home, it makes your air conditioner work harder, raising the cost of cooling your home during warm weather.

Common sources of air leaks in a home are:

  • Duct leaks
  • Insufficient ductwork insulation
  • Inadequate attic insulation
  • Ineffective weatherstripping

Do you suspect that air leaks are raising your energy bills? Reach out to HVAC experts near you to optimize your home cooling efficiency and help you reduce HVAC energy costs.

2. Schedule Preventive Maintenance

According to our Conejo Valley Home Services experts, one of the best ways to keep your HVAC system operating at optimal efficiency is to have it regularly serviced.

Preventative maintenance is essential to keep your HVAC system up and running all year long with no surprise breakdowns. During an HVAC maintenance visit, an HVAC specialist will inspect, clean, and service your unit, ensuring its functioning at peak performance. It enables you to begin the seasons with confidence that your unit is operating at maximum efficiency, saving you up to 30% on your energy bill.

HVAC preventative maintenance is a worthwhile investment as it:

  • Prevents costly breakdowns
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Extends the life of your system
  • Lets you stay protected under warranty

Forgetting to schedule HVAC maintenance means minor problems that drive up energy bills may go undetected until they become more extensive and more expensive to fix.

3. Program Your Thermostat for Maximum Energy Efficiency

Did you know that your AC can only keep your home about twenty degrees cooler than the outside temperature?

If it’s 80 degrees outside, your air conditioner can only cool your home to about 60 degrees. Setting your thermostat below the 60-degree mark will have your air conditioner run all day, attempting to cool your home to the desired temperature. Besides skyrocketing your energy bills, this also creates a massive strain on your AC system.

So, what are the best thermostat settings to save on electric bills?

In the winter, set your thermostat to 68° while awake and lower it by between 7 and 10 degrees when sleeping or away from home. In the summer months, set the thermostat to 78° when at home and higher when you are away.

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4. Use a Modern, Programmable Thermostat

If you’ve been researching how to save money on electric bills and still use a traditional manual thermostat, you should switch to a smart thermostat asap!

Modern programmable thermostats allow you to monitor and control your home’s temperature using your smartphone or mobile device. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, you may also consider purchasing a smart thermostat which makes it even easier to reduce electric bills as it does all the thinking for you. Not only does smart tech bring cool features to your home, but it can also help you save energy and money.

5. Wear Appropriate Clothing for the Season

Did you know that you can save on utility bills by dressing appropriately for the season while indoors?

It’s certainly less expensive to put on a sweater or grab an extra blanket than to run the heat up. Besides making your HVAC system use less energy, keeping the temperature lower is better as there is slightly less shock when you go outside into the cold or return to the warm inside.

6. Replace Your HVAC Air Filters

People often misunderstand the role of an air filter in an HVAC system. Its primary purpose is not to purify the air you breathe but rather to protect the sensitive components of your HVAC system.

If you don’t change your AC filter regularly, it will start failing as it can no longer filter the air properly, which lets dust and contaminants get into the HVAC system. These contaminants jam the moving parts of an AC, such as fan motors and valves, making it harder for your HVAC system to circulate air through your home. The HVAC system has to draw more power to overcome the obstacles, which is how a dirty filter makes the unit less energy efficient, driving up utility bills and wearing down your system.

Replace Your HVAC Air Filters

Some of the reasons why you should change out the HVAC air filter system regularly include:

  • Improved air quality
  • Energy savings
  • Extend the life of the HVAC system
  • Better health

You save more money on your electric bill when your HVAC system works at maximum efficiency. A clean HVAC air filter will extend the life of the HVAC system while simultaneously costing you less to run your HVAC system. Regular HVAC air filter replacement is not expensive, especially compared to costly utility bills.

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7. Insulate Your Attic

Can attic insulation help with air conditioning?

Homeowners can save up to 20% on energy bills with the proper amount of attic insulation. Good home insulation directly affects an air conditioner by increasing the unit’s cooling efficiency. The insulation helps to isolate the home’s living areas from the attic. Cool air cannot escape into the attic, where it dissipates.

To lower future energy bills in the Conejo Valley area, schedule professional attic insulation services with the best HVAC company, Conejo Valley Home Services.

8. Upgrade Your Whole System

Is your air conditioner over 20 years old or the wrong size for your home? It’s probably driving up your power bills.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 40% on cooling costs by replacing an old air conditioner with a modern, energy-efficient unit. Replacing your system also reduces HVAC repair costs, improves airflow, and increases the indoor air quality in your home.

Replacing an inefficient unit will make your home more comfortable and result in lower energy bills, which helps you recoup some of your HVAC replacement costs.

By following these simple HVAC tips, you won’t just improve your appliance’s energy efficiency; you’ll also be extending its lifespan. A double win!

The Bottom Line

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