We field all sorts of questions about Air Conditioning and Heating. Not everything you hear is true regarding your air conditioner. Avoid failing for these three statements. Top three Myths busted that will save you a fortune on air conditioning.
Myth #1:

If it’s not broken, then don’t mess with it.

Yes, your air-conditioning unit may be working perfectly right now, but it still needs regular, preventive maintenance to keep it in tiptop shape and reduce the risks of future breakdowns. Also, be sure to change your filters regularly, at least every three months or so.
Myth #2:

Set the thermostat way low to cool faster.

You may be tempted to set the thermostat to 60 degrees when you quickly want it to be 70 in a hot home. But it will reach 70 at the same rate, no matter what. Most units only have one speed. However, some units now offer low, medium and high settings.
Myth #3:

Location doesn’t matter with the outdoor unit.

Location can affect its overall performance. Reduce the time the condenser unit spends in sunlight by placing it on the north or east side of your house. The extra shade will be beneficial in these long, hot days.