8 Warning Signs That Indicate Your HVAC System Needs Emergency Repair HVAC issues do not always occur during working hours on a weekday- some will often happen during the odd hours. But before you make that quick call to a local HVAC contractor, you will want to know whether a particular issue calls for Emergency HVAC Repair. But making such decisions is often hard for most homeowners. For this reason, HVAC experts at Conejo Valley Home Services have compiled the following list of indicators of emergency HVAC repair.

Signs You Need Emergency HVAC Repair:

Signs that you Need Emergency AC Repair

1. Warm Air

If your vents are blowing warm air, check if the thermostat is in the cool mode position and subsequently lower the setting below the current temperature in your home. Should you still feel warm air, this often indicates a compressor or restricted airflow issue. Because your cooling system is complex, experts at Conejo Valley Home Services highly recommend you leave AC repair to the professionals rather than attempting DIY fixes.

2. Strange Noises

Most ACs emit low-level noise when starting up or shutting down. But loud or unusual sounds signal serious issues with your cooling system. Mechanical grinding noise often indicates compressor burning out or motor problems, while hissing noise can signal refrigerant leakage. These issues will typically not go away on their own. Still, they may cause serious damage to your entire cooling unit, so immediate attention is critical.

3. Water Leaks and Ice

Your AC relies on refrigerant to cool your home and may produce condensation in the process. But neither refrigerant nor water should accumulate or leak into your home. Should you notice this issue, do not wait to call a professional air conditioning repair technician. Another sign that requires immediate attention is the formation of ice near your indoor unit’s evaporator coil. This indicates evaporator coil malfunction, which could emanate from loss of refrigerant, clogged filter, or grime.

4. Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

A loose connection, short in the wiring, failed capacitor, or compressor issue may trip the circuit breaker whenever the compressor kicks in. Do not keep resetting the breaker and letting it trip continually; otherwise, you create a fire hazard. Instead, have a professional HVAC technician diagnose and troubleshoot the issue.

Signs that you Need Emergency Heating Repair

5. Yellow Flame in Your Furnace

If you use a gas furnace, its flame should always burn blue. Yellow fame indicates that the burner is not receiving enough air for complete combustion. Besides higher energy bills, low home temperatures, and wasted energy, the primary danger of improper combustion is carbon monoxide leak. Note that carbon monoxide is odorless but is a ruthless killer. So, if you notice a yellow flame in your furnace, call for emergency HVAC repair immediately and stay somewhere else until the issue has been solved.

6. Rotten Egg Odor

Whereas natural gas is odorless in its natural state, utility companies add mercaptan, which emits sulfur- or rotten egg-like smell. This helps individuals tell if there is a gas leak in their homes. Gas leaks can cause explosions, so if you detect rotten egg smell in your home, switch off the system, turn off the oil supply valve, get out of the house, and call for emergency heating repair.

7. Puddles Around the Boiler or Steam in Your Basement

If you have a boiler heating system and water is pooling around your boiler or steam is filling your basement, this could signal a broken valve or leakage in your boiler. If not addressed quickly, a broken boiler can cause extensive water damage. You should turn the boiler off and call for emergency specialists.

8. The Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off

A carbon monoxide detector beeping is a critical sign you need an emergency HVAC repair. You certainly do not want to mess around with carbon monoxide leaks. Turn off the furnace, open the windows, grab your pet(s), evacuate the house, and book emergency heater repair soonest.

How Much Does Emergency HVAC Repair Cost?

An HVAC repair depends on your location and current service demand. Most companies have fixed rates for common HVAC repairs, including parts and labor. But if you have a unique problem, expect to incur more labor costs. Note that service providers often charge a premium fee for emergency HVAC repairs, which can run high for a professional to come out on holiday, on the weekend, or during the night.

How Can You Prevent Emergency HVAC Repairs? – Tips

You do not have to incur the high cost of emergency HVAC repairs. The following are simple steps to prevent emergencies discussed earlier:

» Prevent HVAC Overuse

Giving your HVAC system a break helps prevent emergency repairs. You do not need to cool your home below 78 degrees all day long when you are rarely home during summers. During the hottest part of the day, urn your dryer, oven, and other heat-generating appliances. Else, close the curtains and blinds to keep the sun out or visit places go to places that let you cool off (think public swimming pool, movie cinema, or nearby lake).

» DIY Maintenance

Checking your HVAC system regularly can help you detect problems early enough to prevent costly repairs. Among the HVAC maintenance activities you can perform on your own include;
  • Replacing the filters
  • Keeping your thermostat and outdoor unit clear of debris and dust
  • Removing blockage from the ducts
  • Checking and changing thermostat battery
  • Cleaning the fins of your outdoor unit
  • Watching out for energy bill spikes or unusual sounds coming from your HVAC system

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» Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

It is critical to have a professional HVAC specialist check your heating and cooling systems at least once a year. Preventive HVAC maintenance helps keep your system in top working order, saves you from the high costs of emergency repairs, and extends your system’s lifespan. Please contact Conejo Valley Home Services today at 805-499-0448 and pick an option from our preferred silver and gold annual HVAC maintenance packages.

Finding the Right Contractor for Emergency HVAC Repair

When looking for an HVAC company to help you with an emergency, you will want to hire a highly reputable and experienced HVAC contractor. You can ask friends or relatives to recommend excellent contractors they have worked with before. Else, a quick search on Google can produce relevant results. Reviews on BBB, Yelp, and Google can reflect the quality of work you can expect from a particular contractor. Once you narrow down on a few HVAC repair contractors in your area, verify each contractor’s certifications and qualifications. Settle on a licensed, insured contractor registered with at least one professional organization (Think ACCA, AMCA, RSES, etc.). The contractor’s technicians should be factory-trained and certified to perform HVAC tasks. Most importantly, choose a local contractor- they boast extensive knowledge about your area’s weather and available solutions, enabling them to offer you the HVAC products and solutions best suited for your specific needs. Furthermore, technicians from a local company will arrive at your home quickly.

HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

» What Qualifies as an HVAC Emergency?

The following are among the emergencies to watch out for:
  • Water backing up into and around your air conditioning system- signals clogged drain lines.
  • Unit running more than usual or uneven temperatures in your home- indicates ventilation problems.
  • A burning smell, system running continuously, or system not running- indicates electrical problems.
  • Smoke, sparks, refrigerant/gas leaks

» How Do I Troubleshoot Common HVAC Problems?

The next time you notice issues with your HVAC system, try the following troubleshooting tips:
  • Check for thermostat settings
  • Ensure all vents are opened and clear of clutter
  • Check for dirty/clogged air filters
  • Check for dirt on the outside of your AC
  • Check for tripped AC circuit breakers

» How Do I Know If I Need a New HVAC System?

You know your HVAC system is ready to retire if it needs constant repairs, it is over 12 years old, or it is making a lot of noise. If you are unsure

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