As we know that the temperatures are starting to rise, and these days during the COVID-19, when you’re inside the home all day, it’s more important than ever that your home and home environment should be comfortable. If your air conditioner isn’t working, and you’ve followed all the steps you can think of to get it going again, do not wait until the COVID-19 fear has passed. When an AC is freezing up, it doesn’t produce colder air. It quits working altogether. For air conditioning to correctly operate the airflow, pressure, and temperature must all be in perfect balance. When one or more of those things are off, the refrigerant system that makes the air cold will freeze itself, but it won’t share that cold air with you. You’ll get nothing but warm air and that when you need air conditioning repair service. Don't Wait to Schedule Your AC Repair During COVID-19 With summer coming in faster than a speeding bullet, can you think of anything worse than to come home from work to a hothouse? While that may see to be the worst part, the expense of repairing or replacing the unit is no picnic either. The energy bills you’ve probably gotten used to, so wait until the technician has completed the AC Repair, and the AC is working correctly, and you’ll be pleasantly pleased with your energy costs!

What Makes An Air Conditioner Work?

The two critical elements to an air conditioner working are the coil and extremely cold refrigerant. When the coil is full of cold refrigerant, the warm air sucked into the system activates the refrigerant. It seems like an oxymoron, but warm air cools when it comes to air conditioners. High humidity is an air conditioner’s enemy. It will freeze an air conditioner up and ice forms on the coils, insulating them, keeping any warm air away, so the coil freezes up, the air conditioner blows warm to hot air, your unit is overworked and quits.

What Makes an Air Conditioner Not Work?

There is more than humidity that will keep your air conditioner from working and require AC repair service. Take a look:

Airflow Deficiency

Several malfunctions can cause this, from the blower motor not working to the air intake getting blocked. Anything that prevents air from blowing over the coils while the compressor runs will freeze an air conditioner up.

Ducts Collapsed

The air moved through your house by air ducts. If they are collapsed or disconnected, the air can’t flow, and it will freeze the coils.

Blower Motor Bad

This is an intricate part of an air conditioning system. When a blower motor isn’t working, the air can’t blow across the coils, into the vents, and through the house.

Low Voltage

Sometimes, it is the electricity or lack thereof that can cause an air conditioner to freeze up. There are components in an air conditioner that require high powers of electricity. When the current is weak, the parts can work as intended, and that can cause the unit to freeze up.

Air Filter Clogged

This may be listed last, but it is the easiest thing a homeowner can do as maintenance in keeping the air conditioner operating. It doesn’t take an expensive air conditioning repair bill either. Change or clean the air filter. In between your dusty home and the air conditioner is this filter, but it can’t do it alone. Keep it clean and clear, so air can flow through it and keep the coils working.
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When Can You Call Your HVAC Technician?

Just like a small leak turns into a massive leak, a little A/C problem will become a huge problem if not addressed and repaired. Keep your scheduled inspection and maintenance appointments. Every company in the world is practicing social distancing and take safety precautions, including every air conditioning repair company. Take your precautions too. Offer them a mask if a technician arrives barefaced. Keep your distance by skipping the social handshaking we’ve all come to expect. Wear disposable gloves to sign any paperwork, then throw them away. Wash your hands and face after they have left and wipe down any surfaces they may have touched, including the exterior part of your AC unit, doorknobs, thermostat, breaker box, etc. Leave no cover untouched! At this point, the experts at Conejo Valley Home Services understand and can help you select the best Air Conditioner brands, sizes, and efficiency ratings for your home plus information on eligible rebates, and we offer convenient financing. For more HVAC Service tips or to schedule Air Conditioner repair, maintenance or AC Replacement in Southern California, please contact Conejo Valley Home Services at (805) 499-0448.